New DACIA BIGSTER: bad news comes before the launch!

New DACIA BIGSTER: bad news comes before the launch!

The long-awaited DACIA BIGSTER, the future large SUV of the Romanian brand will make its debut in two years. A lot of information has been circulating about this model since the appearance of the concept car in 2021, especially about a possible hybrid version, information that has been denied according to other sources from the Mioveni factory!

Indeed, a plug-in hybrid version of the Dacia Bigster is not planned according to several sources, at least at the time of its launch. This type of technology being expensive, the policy of the Romanian brand will not be able to afford to offer its SUV at a very high price, and therefore it will leave a set of equipment that could affect its “best value for money” reputation.

In this sense, a 100% electric version is also not in the forecast for Dacia Bigster according to the new information. Dacia has no intention of exposing its customers to high costs. The offer will be covered by the E-Tech version, and the GPL version.

By offering expensive engines, Dacia also intends to focus on the Bigster’s essentials. Inside, for example, spongy plastics, carbon fiber trim, soft top-of-the-range leather… you won’t find any of this inside the Dacia Bigster. No, the metallic gray plastics (which will be as tough as their metallic namesakes) will be the deal of the day to get a Bigster for that €25,000 price.

DACIA 10 million in the wild!

The first Dacia car was produced at the Mioveni factory on August 20, 1968, today the 10 millionth car, in this case a gray Duster, has rolled off the assembly line.

The figure also includes cars made in Morocco, as well as Spring models produced at China’s Shyian factory. Sandero and Sandero Stepway were the models with the most cars produced, more than 2.6 million, Dacia 1300, 1310 and derivatives a total of 2.3 million, and Duster was produced in 2.1 million copies.

The million mark was passed in 1985, the two million mark in 1998 and the five million mark in 2014. The first five million cars were produced in 46 years, and another five million in eight years.

Until 2005, so for 37 years, Dacia cars were produced only in Mioveni. In 2005, the SOMACA factory in Morocco, in Casablanca, opened its doors and in 2012 production began in a large factory in Tangier. Since 2020, the Spring electric model has been manufactured in Shyian, China. Since 2016, in Algeria, in Oran, production is carried out exclusively for the domestic market.