new car on Ford Transit 170 hp with rear rear bed

new car on Ford Transit 170 hp with rear rear bed

Dreamer leisure vehicle brand is selling a new car called D51. The model, based on the standard carrier of 170 horses Ford Transit.

The Ford Transit is on the rise, benefiting in part from the supply woes faced by the luxury car’s flagship, the Fiat Ducato. Therefore, the new D51 car set from the Dreamer brand is based on this Ford carrier, housing as usual under its hood from the first level of finishing. 2.0 TDCI engine with 170 horsepower, mated to an automatic transmission.

Mattress and box spring included

The D51 model (cousin of the Campérêve Miramar 61) offers a compact size, with a length of 5.98m, a width of 2.06m and a height of 2.84m. Inside, the lounge has street-facing bench seating for two, a an extendable rotating table (mainly to provide extra bedding for one person, with a mattress and box spring provided as standard), and cab seats with folding and height-adjustable armrests. In terms of the kitchen unit, the French car is based on a standard but proven set: a sink, a two-burner stove and a refrigerator (small) with a volume of 84 liters and the door opens 180 ° to the outside. The volume, however, is more generous than its almost twin Campérêve which offers 140 liters in this area.

Dreamer D51: rear bed for two adults© Dreamer

Duo’Space premiere!

Very well provided with storage, including those placed on top, the Dreamer D51 launches in its passenger compartment a wheelbase of 3.75m, the famous Duo’Space bathroom of the Rapido Group to which he belongs. The result is a bathroom with the ability to transform the shower area into a WC section at any time, and vice versa, thanks to the clever pivoting wall. Finally, back, the van gives a double bed for two adults (190 x 140 cm), with a bed base for lifting. The Dreamer D51 Fun model is priced from €59,000.

Posted on 09/08/2022 Updated 09/08/2022