New 2023 Smart SUV Coupe, Now Been Spied

New 2023 Smart SUV Coupe, Now Been Spied

Smart is clearly developing a coupe version of the #1. Alike Erlkönig has recently been apprehended in China. Other models will undoubtedly follow Smart #1. Which ones have not been completed yet? Now, in China, a probable second Smart model has been seen.

The prototype pictured seems to share many components with the recently revealed Smart #1, but takes a unique approach to the Greenhouse’s design. The steeply sloping roofline transforms the Erlkönig into a hatchback and the whole vehicle into an SUV coupé.

The roof arch continues all the way to the back, allowing room behind the rear doors for an extra side window that almost smoothly links to the side window. Additionally, the Erlkönig’s roof section has a large amount of glass. The front design is definitely inspired by Smart #1, as are the outside mirrors. Aluminum rims are already emblazoned with the Smart emblem on the hub.

Smart #1 (2022)

On the sports seats, the Brabus emblem is prominent.

However, the prototype discloses further mysteries. The red-painted brake calipers may indicate a performance edition. The cockpit’s heavily curved sports seats, which are plainly marked with a Brabus insignia on the headrests, follow the same path.

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This corresponds to a second Smart prototype discovered a few days ago – a Smart #1 also discovered in Brabus trim in China. Geely’s SEA platform, as shown in Smart #1, is one of the two prototypes. The SEA platform delivers 272 horsepower and 343 Nm of torque to the rear wheels in Smart #1. Chinese media even credit the SUV coupe that has been seen with 320 horsepower, all of which is sent completely to the back wheels. A second engine mounted on the front axle is also a possibility, raising the power to 400 hp and adding all-wheel drive.

Smart #1’s new design

It’s also the biggest car Smart has ever produced, being about the size of a Mini Countryman. The company is also debuting a new appearance with the blanked-off grille and pointed headlights.

This svelte appearance isn’t just for show; the Smart #1 is planned to be one of the most aerodynamic SUVs on the market, allowing it to glide through the air smoothly and maximize the distance between charges. In a moment, we’ll discuss the range of this vehicle…

The rear end has a comparable LED taillight cluster joined by a full-width light bar to the front. The whole automobile has a fairly smooth appearance, with the exception of the door mirrors.

The full-length panoramic sunroof is divided by a contrasting stripe that is intended to create the illusion of the roof hovering above the body of the automobile.

The interior design of the new Smart #1

The new Smart #1’s interior will be based on the design of the concept vehicle exhibited last year. It is equipped with the same flat-bottomed steering wheel and a tiny driver’s display mounted behind it.

You get a tall floating center console with metallic accents and some unusual ambient lighting. A massive tablet mounted above the dash will operate the majority of the vehicle’s operations, including the temperature control.

Smart #1 (2022)

The full-length panoramic sunroof creates a bright and airy cabin, and the interior seems to be rather big. Additionally, the rear seats may be shifted back and forth to provide additional storage space or rear legroom – a convenient feature in a vehicle this size.

Performance and range of the new Smart #1 battery

The Smart #1 SUV will be developed in collaboration with Chinese automaker Geely and Mercedes-Benz (who owns the Smart brand.)

The #1 will use a 66kWh battery with a range of 273 miles. Additionally, it has 150kW DC rapid charging, which boosts the battery from 10% to 80% in just 30 minutes. A 22kW AC charger should be able to do the same task in three hours.

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Smart #1 will only be available with a single rear-wheel-drive engine. It will have a peak speed of 111mph and a power output of 272hp and 343Nm.

Price and release date for the new Smart #1

Smart #1 was just recently announced in Germany; thus, it is expected to make its UK debut later this year, with sales to begin soon afterward.

Smart #1 (2022)

Given that this will be an entirely new model in the Smart portfolio with far more power, range, and room than the current EQ ForTwo and EQ ForFour, you can anticipate the new vehicle to be more expensive – possibly over £35,000.