Neversois Maxime Bonnot (BMW) shines at Magny-Cours during the French Superbike Competition

Neversois Maxime Bonnot (BMW) shines at Magny-Cours during the French Superbike Competition

It’s not a perfect weekend, but it looks like that. Maxime Bonnot, who participated in the first weekend of July at the French Superbike Championships, at Magny-Cours, received congratulations from his family, Sunday afternoon July 3, box n ° 25. And Neversois did not steal. Ten times in qualifying on Saturday, winning his thigh record, tenth in the first race Sunday morning, the 25-year-old driver was most impressed during the day, during the second race: seventh place, at the expense of finishing the sparkle, and a new thigh record (1’40”878).

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“During the first race, I suffered a little bit after a violent attack,” says Maxime Bonnot, still swimming and shining with joy. “Then, the next day, I tried to save in the final rounds. I even maybe a little too late”, to the point of moving from sixth place, “after sick leave”, to eleven. “But I took my rhythm step by step. With a twist in the last five rounds, the last third of the race, Maxime Bonnot surpassed his rivals, including Grégory Leblanc (the 2015 French Superbike champion).

“I pulled myself out of the middle of this crazy crowd (big cyclists)”

“I enjoyed it all weekend,” exclaims Maxime Bonnot, who came to pick up his first time, and probably the last round of the season at FSBK. On a reliable and high-performance BMW M.1000 RR, a member of the Berruyère Tecmas team had already gained confidence “thanks for the three days of driving. It was small, but the times were already good. So once in the middle of This crazy crowd, I was able to pull myself together to go faster, “thanks to one who had not participated in a speed test since the Carole round, last August.

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The father of two, the founder of the motorcycle songwriting program, Maxime Bonnot “is no longer in the inventory. and two rounds, Carole (August 19 to 21) and Paul-Ricard (September 23 to 25).). Will I do it? I do not know. ” and technical difficulties during the 24 Hours of Le Mans, last April.

With Tecmas at the World Endurance Competition in 2023

Drunk with speed, Maxime Bonnot still had his next race of endurance in mind. “I will be participating in the Endurance and Tecmas World Cup in 2023”, announces the driver. “It will have the same bike as in the gear, with only a large tank and front light (smile). That’s great, I run two seconds fast for each cycle with this bike. Patience, we know, is fraught with danger. But on paper, we can hope to fight over standards. »

Maxime Bonnot pulled the stakes of his BMW n ° 12, to the point of setting a new circuit record in the Magny-Cours circuit. Photo by Christophe Masson

Supersport 600: Antoine Chapeau in points. Engaging in the Supersport 600, Nivernais Antoine Chapeau managed to score. First 21st in the first race yesterday morning, the 25-year-old Triumph driver picked up two points for finishing fourteen in the second race in the afternoon. In the first fifteen, Chapeau got a chance after a thirty-second penalty awarded to a competitor for passing him under the yellow flag.

Result: Debise on all sides


Race 1. 1. Valentin Debise (Yamaha, number 153; 2. Kenny Foray (BMW, number 78); 3. Alan Techer (Honda, number 5) … 10. Maxime Bonnot (BMW).

Race 2. 1. Valentin Debise; 2. Kenny Foray; 3. Techer …. 7. Maxime Bonnot.

General classification. 1. Debise (204 points); 2. Foray (165 points); 3. mathieu Gines (163 points, Yamaha) … 16. Maxime Bonnot (15 points).

Supersport 600

Race 1. 1. Valentin Debise (Yamaha); 2.Johan Gimbert (Yamaha); 3. Loic Arbel (Yamaha) … 21. Antoine Chapeau (Victory).

Race 2. 1. Valentin Debise; 2. Johan Gimbert; 3. Enzo De La Vega (Yamaha) … 14. Antoine hat.

General classification. 1. Valentin Debise (257 points); 2. Mathieu Gregorio (168 points, Yamaha); 3. Loïc Arbel (mark 134) … 26. Antoine Chapeau (mark 2).

Owen Cudgel