Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO … not all will survive, according to a former Disney boss

Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO … not all will survive, according to a former Disney boss

There are many streaming services today. According to Bob Iger, the former Disney CEO behind Disney +, not everyone will survive the current war. For him, Disney + and Netflix, however difficult, will remain the kings of the market.

Streaming services are at war. Netflix, which has remained alone for a long time, now has to face competitors with long teeth, such as Disney +, Amazon Prime, HBO Max or Apple TV + to name a few. According to Bob Iger, not all will live in the medium term.

Bob Iger is the former CEO of Disney. We owe to him the rebirth of the company, especially the takeover of Marvel and Lucasfilm and the exploitation of their licenses in cinema. One of his last major projects before his departure in 2020 was the launch of Disney +. During the Vox conference in the United States, he gave his analysis on the current streaming market.

Not all streaming services will last

For Bob Iger, there are too many services on the market and not all of them will survive. Normally, one would think of Netflix, in dire straits at the moment, but for him, this platform on the contrary is meant to last :

“I think Netflix will continue to thrive. Right now they have some problems, but they won’t go away. »

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He also thinks than Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ they are promised a bright future:

“Streaming is not a core business for them (Amazon and Apple) and they are measured more by the core, but these platforms serve other purposes. They will not stagnate, they will continue to grow. They have resources. They have easy access to users, good technology and they have shown they know how to use them. They will stay . »

However, Iger does not offer other expensive market services, without naming them : “I don’t think they will all recover”. It’s not hard to see which services the former Disney boss is talking about here. For example, he did not praise the services of Warner Bros., but he was well established in the United States with HBO Max. For good reason: Warner is currently in the process of merging with Discovery and HBO Max will not survive. It remains to be seen whether its replacement will be able to find a place in an already saturated market. There are plenty of other platforms, especially in the US, that Iger doesn’t cite as a big success.

Source: THR