Nebraska service to challenge the Union Pacific exchange rate

Nebraska service to challenge the Union Pacific exchange rate

Issue: Union Pacific payment rate to transfer coal between BNSF railway line and Omaha power station

The Union Pacific coal train will pass through Glen Ellyn, Ill., In October 2020. Nebraska plans to oppose UP standards to deal with the transportation of coal to Omaha. (Train: David Lassen)

WASHINGTON – Nebraska says it will file a formal complaint against Union Pacific for an exchange deal involving coal trains replaced by the BNSF Railway a few miles from the power station.

Omaha Public Power District unveiled its plans to challenge the balance of UP standards in regulatory submissions by the Higher Transport Board this week.

The BNSF sets up coal trains in the Wyoming Powder River Basin and transfers them to Gibson Yard in Omaha. UP handles trains from an exchange of eight miles or more to and from the North Omaha Power Station.

UP charges $ 295 per car, depending on its public levy. UP makes exceptions in its exchange payments for the transportation of 50 or more vehicles, for one route bill, for eight agricultural products. In those cases, the charge is $ 105 for each car loaded.

Services operating coal-fired power plants have presented a number of standard challenges against railways for many years.