Near Toulouse.  This popular race car, estimated to cost around one million euros, will be auctioned off

Near Toulouse. This popular race car, estimated to cost around one million euros, will be auctioned off

This Ford GT40 Mark III will be auctioned off on Sunday July 10, 2022, near Toulouse. (© DR)

Ni story car which is about to be auctioned off near Toulouse. Sunday July 10, 2022, auctioneer auction house Stanislas Machoirin Montastruc-la-Diwaniwill provide the best Ford GT40 produced in the late 1960s. Its price? € 750,000. That’s it!

Rare race car

Not everyone will be able to organize themselves. It should be noted that the Ford GT 40 Mark III, chassis N ° 1113, is. is estimated at between 800,000 and 1,200,000 euros. Prices that are justified by the limitations of the model: seven to nine of these vehicles have been released worldwide.

“The Chassis 1113 is the first (or last) GT40 Mark Ill released.”

Auction of Stanislas Machoïr house

If the car spits more than one spit today, the Stanislas Machoïr auction house recalls that this race car was “completely commercially bankrupt”. This sports car was very difficult to use on the road. His steering wheel on the right does not help.

The first race in 2006

Before being sold near Toulouse, the American traveled a bit. “It was sold in 1970 or 1971 as a ‘blank chassis with parts’ in the United States. He appeared in commercials in 1974/1975 as a ‘monocoque with finished parts’.

In 2003, experiments Alain Schlesinger presents itself with this jewel of fatigue and weight of years. “At the time it had its own Cosworth engine and inside the leather but not finished, the ZF box was missing”, explains the auction house.

It will take three years and a major overhaul to see this Ford GT40 make its first official departure for Track Days in the Goodwood (UK) circuit. Even today, it deserves historical events. Information for fans …

Practical information
The auction takes place on Sunday, July 10, at 2:30 pm, at the Château de Lasserre in Montastruc-La-Conseillère.

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