mythical men’s car –

mythical men’s car –

The Volkswagen Beetle is a car that has captured the imagination of people around the world for generations. It has been called “The Beetle” in France, “The Beetle” in the United States, “The Bug” or “The People’s Car” in Germany… The story of the Beetle is unique in more ways than one. Not only is it one of the most popular cars ever made, but it also has a unique history that sets it apart from the rest. Today we decided to share with you the story of the Beetle, a legendary car that leaves no one behind.

Birth of Ladybug

Mende was born in Germany in 1933, at the request of the Nazi regime, which wanted to provide the country with a “people’s car” (Volkswagen in German). Ferdinand Porsche is designing models for this car that must be able to transport four people at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, consume 7 liters per hundred kilometers and be sold at the cheapest possible price.

Early models had a rear-mounted, air-cooled, 1-liter four-stroke engine. Both the technique and design seem revolutionary. It is actually heavily inspired by the Tatra V570, a Czechoslovakian model of the time.

In 1938, the first Volkswagen factory was ready … But only for military vehicles! It was at the end of the war that the British official decided to really launch the production of the car. In 1948, an export model was released, which was to enjoy extraordinary success in the United States and Latin America (a factory was built in Brazil in 1952).

It conquered Europe in the 60s and 70s where it became a symbol of the hippie youth, but also that of an economic vehicle in the face of rising fuel prices.

His media coverage at the time was huge, fueled by the success of 6 Walt Disney films that were released in 1968, 1974, 1977, 1980 and two more in 1997 and 2005.

The evolution and work of Ladybird

However, if car sales increase thanks to its reputation, that approach quickly becomes obsolete. Its four-cylinder engine is windy, noisy and uses a lot for what it offers in terms of performance. Road holding is dangerous, with the engine door at the back, the gearbox out of balance and the suspension a mess. As for the front tank, it’s unthinkable these days!

Volkswagen Beetle

The beetle will go through several evolutions, without losing its immediately recognizable appearance. The engine will rise well from 30 horsepower 1192 cc to 50 horsepower 1584 cc. Two cabriolet series were produced from 1949: the two-seater Herbmuller and the more popular, the four-seater Karmann. Another legendary derivative that uses Beetle features is the indestructible Volkswagen Combi that accompanies the entire hippie generation on the road. Despite many flaws, the Volkswagen Beetle was the best-selling car in the world: more than 24 million copies!

Finish clapping for the Volkswagen Beetle

In 2003, Volkswagen ceased production of the Beetle by closing its last Mexican production plant. At the same time, its older sister changed it… The New Beetle was released in 1998 and its success was such that the competitors also decided to update the legendary models such as the Mini or the Fiat 500. The New Beetle is, this time, with all modern technology and no longer has anything to do with the mythical Beetle!

New Beetles

After being slightly modified in 2006, it did not achieve all the expected success. Volkswagen then decided, in 2011, to revive its legend by launching the sale of the third generation of the Beetle. This car is a real success and its design, more faithful to the original, is very successful. It’s committed in 2019 to releasing the very last Beetle to roll out of the factory in Mexico.

Highlights of the Volkswagen Beetle

Ladybug is honored in Walt Disney’s film: “Un amour de Ladybug” in 1968. “Choupette”, as she is called, then benefits from several successful films.

In 1964, it raced in the Monte-Carlo Championship in Monaco with good results. This legendary car has also benefited from a limited series that has helped maintain its success for over 80 years.