Mustang Mach-E price drop in Norway: why?

Mustang Mach-E price drop in Norway: why?

In Norway, the price of the Ford Mustang Mach-E has been reduced. Find out the reason behind this surprising brand decision.

For several months, the price of new cars has really risen, and this for many reasons: the rise of inflation, the balance of supply / demand or the shortage of semiconductors. A difficult situation for all customers but also professionals in the sector and of course producers. They are also losing a lot of money since the beginning of The Covid crisis. And yet, other brands have decided to take a different course and reduce the prices of their cars. This is the case of Ford, whose entry ticket for the electric Mach-E has fallen. Be careful, because this is only legal in Norway, and the reason is not very common.

Increase in VAT

Indeed, the Norwegian government has decided to increase VAT on electric vehicles, which will increase to 23%. The measure will only apply to models over NOK 500,000, or the equivalent of approximately €50,296 based on the current exchange rate. An already controversial measure that doesn’t really suit manufacturers and car drivers who will need to replace cars soon. But Ford decided to take action by reducing the price of its electric SUV, to compensate for the tax increase. Customers can then save around 3,699 thanks to this modification from the American manufacturer.

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A real success

If Ford took this decision, it is above all for a reason Norway is one of the countries where Mach-E has been most successful. Hence the importance of the brand offering it at a competitive price, so that it remains one of the best-selling brands in this market. In France also the electric SUV is convincing customers, while it is the very first model of the manufacturer with the blue circle at the moment. Other cars should follow.

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