Munich ignores traffic surveillance – driven by drivers?

Many do not want a city bike: the results used by car fans? City wants to ignore traffic scrutiny

The Munich city government wants to make the Alpine capital more car-free. A survey of people’s wishes showed something different and is now causing the city to express itself. Meanwhile, cycling fans see the drivers’ conspiracy.

Munich is one of the busiest cities in Germany. The green-led city government wants to change that: the city should first be without a car within the city ring and in the future private car traffic will significantly disappear from most parts of the city. But how does that work – and do most Munich residents agree with the architectural plans?

Munich wants to put everything on the bike

The city wanted to know more about this in an online survey in late March. 19 questions were asked about the requirements and recommendations of the “Mobility Strategy 2035”. It was a combination of selection boxes and text boxes for writing proposals.

However, Munich’s mobility department apparently did not expect the results of the investigation. Especially with one question: 72% of those surveyed do not want to do without a car. About half of the respondents, on the other hand, considered cycling to be less important, while the importance of buses and trains was 38 percent better than bicycles.

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Radl’s fans consider the investigation to be fraudulent

The city, which after a so-called “Radl decision” a few years ago had already outlined its traffic policy with a clear focus on cycling and driving backwards, was similarly outraged by the results of the investigation. Radl fans now even suspect the drivers’ conspiracy: car-friendly networks have shown scrutiny and thus distorted the results. The referendum was unknown, so basically anyone could vote. However, the traffic department deliberately designed it in a way that attracted as many participants as possible. It remains to be seen whether calls from car clubs actually had a positive impact on the outcome.

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“There is no reason to change anything in the course”

While CSU in the city is calling for the results of the survey to be considered in the mobility strategy, Munich will probably just ignore the 72 percent agreement on the importance of motor traffic: “For the Greens party and the SPD, there seems to be no reason to change anything about the course they took – also given the fact that less than three years ago, 160,000 people in Munich voted openly in favor of cycling in the Radentscheid referendum.“, writes the newspaper” tz “. Green City Councilor Gudrun Lux told this newspaper:”A fundamental decision on the state capital mobility strategy was made in Munich’s largest referendum in recent years: the 2020 local elections. Here, citizens have openly decided for a change in traffic.“.

Motor club boss: “Traffic policy as in GDR”

Michael Haberland from the “Mobil in Deutschland” car club, on the other hand, accuses the city of having a “travel policy as in the GDR”: There seems to be only one party deciding, with the wishes of the majority being ignored. “There were too many drivers involved. I also of course. So, one wants to ignore the consequences now. So much for understanding the city of democracy. Citizen participation, yes, but not from drivers. I recommend that the city allow only those citizens for research in the future who swear under oath that they do not have a car and support the green course. kejeli awaySaid Haberland.

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