Most of the buyers of electric cars are not interested in saving the world

Most of the buyers of electric cars are not interested in saving the world

American research shows that ecology is not at the center of priorities for the purchase of electric vehicles. Other factors have priority over the environment.

The electric car is, above all, a way to reduce the pollution of the world’s car fleet. This is certainly the first reason why governments will force its adoption. However, not all drivers are convinced of this argument.

The company that makes Polestar has conducted a survey in the United States to find out what drives people to accept it. The Swedish company surveyed 5,086 drivers about their electric car and the reasons for buying it.

The results show that 55% of them did not have ecology in mind during their choice, which reflects what was predicted in the previous editorial. However, this figure varies according to the age of the respondents, and this argument is more visible between the ages of 18-24.

Among other reasons, 48% mentioned cost reduction for the expensive car product. Performance is an issue for 30% of drivers, which explains the power racing of some “zero-emission” cars.

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The need for connectivity and technology

Finally, 40% mentioned a desire for a modern infotainment system with better connectivity. This is also what drives the adoption of Android Automotive in Polestar, as well as the service that the brand brings to its environment on board.

“The concept of luxury based on what’s ‘under the hood’ gives way in the electronic age to the priority of seamless connectivity, integration into existing digital ecosystems, and good design of the digital system »explains Gregor Hembrough, Director of Polestar North America.

“People are switching to electric cars for more than just environmental reasons. Polestar’s focus on in-car technology means they can have anything they want in an environmentally friendly package.”