Morocco.  Africa Motors officially launches Chery car brand

Morocco. Africa Motors officially launches Chery car brand

The subsidiary of Auto Hall, Africa Motors, officially launched the China Chery car brand on June 23. The latter, which has high hopes for the Kingdom, is based mainly on a full array of SUVs that fit the times and play the new technology card. Vehicles with adequate equipment in terms of comfort and safety equipment and which show a very attractive price list.

Africa Motors, created in 2015 to develop the Auto Hall and China business, has added a new card to its range of automotive brands. Indeed, the Auto Hall car subsidiary has teamed up with Chery, one of China’s largest car manufacturers. In detail, Chery’s choice, which fell to Africa Motors, was inspired by the experience of the Auto Hall group in the stock industry.

A Chinese company headquartered in Wuhu, 500 kilometers from Shanghai, Chery International is located in more than 80 countries around the world with ten connecting machines. In addition to being one of the largest car manufacturers in China, the brand has also been a leading exporter of passenger cars in China for 19 consecutive years.

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And it must be said that Chery’s Chinese adventure in Africa is only the beginning since the Chinese manufacturer is in the process of weaving its network across the continent. It is with this in mind that Africa Motors launched on October 28, 2021 a partnership agreement with its new China Chery partner to ensure the exclusive import and distribution of its various types of vehicles in Morocco.

“We see Morocco as one of the most capable markets in Africa. And we know that Auto Hall is one of the largest car dealers in Morocco and a team of experienced car dealers,” said Zhang Guibing, President of Chery International, as part of formalizing the signing of this agreement. And to conclude: “We are very confident that the partnership between Chery and Auto Hall will bear much fruit in Morocco”.

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For her part, Abdellah El Mouadden, CEO of Africa Motors said: “China is a strategic pillar of our group’s development through strong and lasting cooperation in distribution and manufacturing”. He also emphasized: “Our vision is to build a long-term partnership by introducing all kinds of Chery to the Moroccan market, including electric vehicles and hybrids. We also agreed to discuss and study the CKD project for the domestic market and for sales. Thanks to our joint efforts, we are confident that we will succeed together ”.

To this end, the Chinese manufacturer has decided to open up the Moroccan market by launching a Pro SUV model consisting of four models and eight versions: Tiggo 2 pro (from MAD 155,000 including rent), Tiggo 4 pro (from MAD 235 000 MAD if includes tax), Tiggo 7 pro (from MAD 265,000 including tax) and Tiggo 8 pro (from MAD 340,000 including tax). It is a very innovative array that combines new technologies, security, comfort with a very sophisticated design. The brand also intends to launch, in partnership with the Auto Distributor House, two 100% hybrid and electronic hybrid designs that are among the most well-known innovations of the Chinese manufacturer.