More than 145,000 cars were delivered by Porsche between January and July

More than 145,000 cars were delivered by Porsche between January and July

Porsche announced last week that 145,860 cars were produced in the first half of 2022 worldwide. Although the US market fell by 10% in terms of sales, only a 5% drop worldwide can be said compared to last year, when 153,656 cars were sold.

Different markets

Although almost 6,000 additional cars were sold in the same period last year, the trend is not down in all markets of the planet. Porsche reports that its largest market, China, is largely responsible for this decline, and that in contrast, Europe saw a 7% growth in sales compared to last year.

The United States has also experienced a decrease in sales, but demand is not in doubt according to the manufacturer. Instead, it was supply chain failures and long transit times that affected the number of products delivered. It is also worth noting that the 154,656 cars that found buyers in the same period last year represented the best sales ever recorded at Porsche for the first half of the year.

Sales data for Canada and Quebec are not yet available at the time of this writing, although those for the first quarter of the year were encouraging. In fact, sales for the months of January, February and March 2022 increased by 29% compared to the same period last year in Canada.

The Porsche Cayenne is still at the top

Not surprisingly, demand remains high especially for SUV models. A total of 41,947 customers took the Cayenne service. In second place is Macan, with 38,039 births. The sports car icon, the 911, has been delivered to 21,616 customers worldwide.

Then, the Taycan was handed over to 18,877 customers, despite production limitations due to supply failures, which affected this model in particular. The Panamera was produced 15,604 times, while 9,777 copies of the 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman models found takers.

The second half of the year will bring a breath of fresh air for the manufacturer, as it is expected to launch a new electric Macan as well as a redesigned version of its Cayenne.


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