More than 13,000 Venezuelans are trying to build a life in Paraná |  Parana

More than 13,000 Venezuelans are trying to build a life in Paraná | Parana

Paraná currently has at least 13,604 Venezuelans as residents, who are looking for a chance for a better life. Data comes from the Federal Subcommittee on the Reception and Internalization of Vulnerable Immigrants.

In Curitiba, the second city in the country that received the most immigrants from Venezuela since 2018, there are 5,189 people.

“For me, living in Curitiba is very good because I got help through CRAS through the school I am studying. I am also studying the second module of secondary school and that is very helpful,” said Genesis who lives there. on the outskirts of the city, regions that are highly sought after by immigrants from neighboring countries.

The project aims to ensure the rights of Venezuelan immigrants

To help immigrants build a life in the country, the action that started this Friday (12) at the Regional Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) in the neighborhood of Tatuquara, in Curitiba, offers help to Brazilians, and especially immigrants.

The work is done in collaboration with the Public Ministry of Paraná (MP-PR), Cáritas Brasileira and Fundação de Ação Social de Curitiba (FAS).

There, they are helped and sent through the document process, receive social support, guidance on where to learn the Portuguese language and can also find a job.

“It’s a very fragile situation, okay, someone who comes from another country, doesn’t know the language, doesn’t know another culture, doesn’t know Brazilian traditions, they need this help, help our Venezuelan brothers”, explained Régis Sartori, a human rights defender.

According to the MP, the action will be held in the capital once a month, until November. The move brings public services closer to those who do not know the country.

“Therefore, it is the responsibility of social aid, public policy to make this welcome, to see the people we have in this area, here in this space are poor families, they are far from services, especially from Justice… to bring services into space This is to ensure justice for these people”, explained Cíntia Aumann, manager of FAS in the Tatuquara area.

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