Mobile phone on the wheel: many do, no one is caught

Mobile phone on the wheel: many do, no one is caught

The mobile phone plays a major role in the daily life of most people. In some cases, however, it has no place at all. For example, when you are behind the wheel of a car!

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Like this current AllianzDirect Auto Report about traffic inspection shows that almost a third (32%) of all drivers have used their mobile phones while driving. And only a fraction (only five percent) were arrested in this traffic error.

General ban on mobile phones for drivers

Teens use their cell phones more often

Only 29 percent of young people aged 45 to 54 use their mobile phones while driving, compared to a quarter (25 percent) of young people aged 55 to 65.
Interesting: Young drivers (ages 18 to 24: 24%) and people in probation use their phones at least one wheel.

What are the penalties in the probationary period?

What exactly is forbidden?

Plan against mobile phones at the wheel

Writing text messages is also a careless activity behind the wheel and can cost up to 200 euros.

What will Apple Carplay and Android Auto bring?

What are the penalties for cell phone use?

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