MkLeo has won Super Smash Bros.  End of Genesis 8 and sweep Glutonny

MkLeo has won Super Smash Bros. End of Genesis 8 and sweep Glutonny

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After losing his title in 2019 to Marss, MkLeo is back on the mountain, earning his fourth Genesis victory in a 3-0 win over Gluttonny on Genesis 8.

Today he has planned one of his best winning races through the Genesis line-up of about 1,950 players, who remained in the arena where many of the best players like Tweek, ESAM and Maister were released shortly after the pool.

During the race, Leo picked up a set from Lui $ and Light, as well as a 3-0 win over the previous Gluttonny that would set the tone for their replay of the Grand Final. He finished the race with a 3-2 victory over the recently sponsored Sparg0 which enabled him to defend himself from losing three games and knock his opponent to the final bracket.

After losing to Leo just before the top eight, Gluto was forced to fight Kola and another player coming to Zomba before facing Light and Sparg0 up the hill.

Against the Light, Gluto leveled their record face to face 3-3, sweeping Fox-main 3-0. He will also avenge Sparg0 for his loss at RETA 2022 earlier this month, winning the first FaZe. Smash player 3-1.

Gluto seemed to be in a hurry before his match against Leo, but history was not on his side.

Prior to this series, Leo dominated almost every match played against his closest friend and close associate, going 12-4 in 16 matches, according to PGstats. The 75% victory was shown today when Leo swept Gluto for the second time in a row, reaching the final by defending himself from a speedy attack and wielding the Sword of the Creator.

Not only this fourth name of Genesis from Today, two for Finally and two during Ponda Wii U while, it was also his third Finally Victory in Super Major, you join Super Smash Con 2019 and Evo 2019.

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