Mitsubishi will present the Ralliart concept on January 14

Mitsubishi will present the Ralliart concept on January 14

Mitsubishi Ralliart Concept | Photo: Mitsubishi

The manufacturer Mitsubishi has already marked the world of international rallying with its legendary Lancer Evolution and its Ralliart division, but these two words are old. Of course, it is certain that the performance sedan is not ready to return to the brand’s lineup, but on the other hand, the Ralliart badge will at least be placed on the side of the concept car.

Indeed, Mitsubishi has published the first image of this concept car whose unveiling is scheduled for January 14 in Tokyo Motor Show 2022, an exhibition that focuses more on performance and the world of automotive customization. The unveiling of this new look for Ralliart is therefore ideal for this annual meeting.

Unfortunately, Mitsubishi is not saying much about this photo which clearly shows the rear diffuser tattooed with the famous crest. In the middle of the end, we see a burning fire and light-emitting diodes. We should also mention that the shape of the tailgate points to the Outlander model, a crossover that was well received with its unique design.

For now at least, it’s too early to know what model Mitsubishi has built of this concept that might be approved for production. After all, the three-diamond division has already shown its desire to update its sports wing, if only to appeal to these customers who crave high performance.

Now it remains to be seen what flavor this concept will have. The lack of exhaust pipes could mean the model will be powered by a beefed-up powertrain – plug-in hybrid or electric only – although the standard Outlander (being the performance version of the crossover) hides its exhaust system. under the rear bumper.

We will know more about this Ralliart concept at the beginning of the new year. Now the question is whether the North American division wants a performance-oriented variant. We bet that some agreement would like such a model to be added to the range of the manufacturer, because at the time of writing these lines, the word “performance” is far from what has already been inside the Japanese brand. .