Mitnorth dealership specializes in Mitsubishi vehicles in Santos |  Advertising Specialties – MitNorth

Mitnorth dealership specializes in Mitsubishi vehicles in Santos | Advertising Specialties – MitNorth

After establishing itself in the car market in the city of São Paulo, Mitnorth arrived in Baixada Santista with the promise of being a good name for the Suzuki and Mitsubishi brands in the area.

The dealership was built following Japanese quality standards and has a team of around 20 employees.

This shop is located at Avenida Washington Luiz nº 62, Vila Mathias street and in addition to selling brand new cars, it buys your new car at the best valuation in the market. The company has a specialized technical workshop for servicing Japanese cars.

For the store’s sales manager, Rafael Bozan, Mitnorth saves design, craftsmanship and all the types connected to the brand, with a different service and a focus on customer satisfaction. He believes that as it is successful in the capital, the traditional shop will also be known in the region.

“We will offer a personal and efficient service to those who love Mitsubishi in Baixada Santista, with a special workshop and every zero kilometer line”adds Raphael.

The businessman is at Avenida Washington Luís, 62, in the neighborhood of Vila Matias. Private Photo Collection — Photo: Private Collection

There you can buy and learn more about several cars that are references of the brand, such as Eclipse, Pajero and Outlander. “Each Mitsubishi line has a different quality and performance,” says the manager.

The vehicles can be found with all their details on the company’s website. Below are the details of the three vehicles mentioned above.

Offered in GLS, HPE and HPE-S models, the Eclipse Cross features the new MIVEC Turbo engine, with direct injection and 165hp power, bringing more efficiency and less fuel consumption.

For more information, visit the website.

Eclipse Cross — Photo: Publication photo

The car, remembered as the world’s first SUV to use an aluminum diesel engine, also has an 8-speed automatic transmission, designed for sporty shifts and quick responses to your steering wheel. Available from the vendor in the HPE and HPE-S categories.

For more information, visit the website.

Pajero Sport — Photo: Publication photo

Available in 2.0L HPE, 3.0L V6 HPE-S and 2.2L Diesel HPE-S models, the Outlander features an innovative design, designed in the wind tunnel to deliver a low aerodynamic drag coefficient.

For more information, visit the website.

Outlander – Photo: Publication photo

meet others Mitsubishi models zero km for sale in Santos division

Ship sales and other benefits

The merchant also provides a system for the sale of vehicle fleets to companies and public organizations. Each model has a percentage discount, in addition, special conditions are offered to taxi drivers and applications.

The store also offers the possibility to finance a partner bank within the merchant, at different rates with a free period of 120 days for the first installment.

Another distinguishing feature of the division is its own and authorized workshop of the brand, with services for the modification and general maintenance of cars, as well as the sale of original parts and accessories of the car manufacturer.

The workshop is officially authorized for the repair and maintenance of Mitsubishi vehicles. – Photos: Private collection

Despite all these differences, the experience in these first months of the store in Baixada has been good. “The attention of the people in this area is amazing. We have already seen that they have a great passion for Mitsubishi here and that’s why anyone who comes to know us will get documents and a full tank if they decide to buy a car!” , says Rafael, presenting future clients.

History of Mitnorth Pro Auto

With the mission of selling cars and genuine parts with the highest level of service quality, Mitnorth Pró Auto has become a traditional Mitsubishi dealer in the city of São Paulo and one of the most popular companies related to the brand in Brazil. the market..

Operating for more than 20 years, the company decided to innovate and bring its service to the coast, where it will continue to prioritize customer satisfaction and always maintain infrastructure with high-quality equipment.

The expectation is that the brand is expanding more and more, with the possibility of opening new stores in the region in the future. “This will be evaluated in the future, but Mitnorth confirms that it is looking into the possibility of opening the cities of Praia Grande and Guarujá”, concludes Rafael.