Miscellaneous – Right |  Orange: arrested after a 13km run on the A7

Miscellaneous – Right | Orange: arrested after a 13km run on the A7

A 28-year-old man from Orange was arrested on Wednesday evening after being chased on the A7. Fortunately, the police of the Department’s Road Safety Force stayed calm and showed professionalism to avoid mishaps on this axis.

Around 5:30 pm, the police were doing a speed check on the highway in the North-South direction, in Coudoulet, when a racing car, a Peugeot 208, went over 130 km / h. Immediately, the cops started chasing the criminal in their Cupra. With them standing behind him and issuing the customary warnings for him to slow down, the offending driver got out of Orange and pretended to slow down before cutting zebra stripes on the pavement and smashing through the toll barrier to take the road in the opposite direction!

The officers followed him and had to follow him for a total of 13 kilometers before they managed to stop the car. The driver, an Orange resident, was ejected from the vehicle. On it, the gendarmes found narcotics. The person involved was driving without a driver’s license, which had already been revoked before, and after consuming narcotics. Refusal to comply was also reported to him, along with the offense of voluntary damage to a broken barrier and intentional endangerment of others. After two days in police custody, he left with a summons to the Carpentras Criminal Court.

Pending this date, the prosecution of Carpentras has decided to release him, under the control of the court.