Minimaps, visuals, assets, Infinity Ward responds to Modern Warfare 2 player complaints

Minimaps, visuals, assets, Infinity Ward responds to Modern Warfare 2 player complaints

Infinity Ward addressed various Modern Warfare 2 gameplay issues reported by players and the changes they plan to make during the second beta weekend.

With the first beta weekend of Modern Warfare 2 recently concluded, Infinity Ward has revealed that changes will be made to improve the player experience before the second beta weekend begins.

In general, players enjoyed the modern warfare 2 beta, with some even saying that returning to Warzone was too difficult, but their first steps in this new opus were not smooth. Several voices were raised to determine what was wrong with the beta, and it seems they have been heard.

Changes are planned for the second weekend of the Modern Warfare 2 beta

For starters, Infinity Ward plans to improve the visuals of Modern Warfare 2, which was one of the game’s main concerns. Their plan is to “reduce the glare of cannon smoke and increase cannon visibility to help engage the shooter”.

They also plan to implement changes that make it easier to tell enemies from friends. Unfortunately for players who were hoping for the return of nameplates, they are looking for a solution “beyond the usual nameplates above the heads of opposing players.”

The developers have taken into account mixed feedback for the new Perk system, and hope to implement modifications that will appeal to all players. They aim to make Ultimate Perks more powerful later in the match, as well as increase the speed at which they are obtained.

Players can also expect the developers to fix the footsteps sound for the second beta weekend by reducing the range of footsteps sounds.

Infinity Ward continues to collect player feedback

While Infinity Ward talked about the changes planned for the second beta weekend or the game’s launch, he also hinted at player feedback that ultimately may not change.

Modern Warfare 2’s mini-map has become a hot topic, and players prefer the classic Call of Duty mechanics. The developers explained their reasoning behind the decision to remove the red dots from the minimap: “We don’t want to penalize players for firing their weapons. We also want players to actively search for the origin of the shot instead of going directly to where the marker is on the minimap.”

This statement indicates that change is unlikely, but they have confirmed that they will continue to gather feedback on the subject.

In the same way, the developers have confirmed that Dead Silence will remain a new version of the field as intended. Some players have expressed a desire to see Dead Silence become something interesting, but it’s unlikely that will happen.

Infinity Ward has confirmed their intention to remove slide cancellation in Modern Warfare 2. The developers are aware that there is a workaround for the slide cancellation effect, and they will be monitoring the situation ahead of time. second beta weekend.


We’re excited to see so many of you participating in the first weekend of our multiplayer beta on Sony platforms, and we hope that even more of you will join us for the second weekend on all platforms.

There have already been a good number of comments on Reddit and social media, as well as a ton of statistics collected from our end. In addition to the new maps and modes we have planned for the second weekend, we also have a few changes (and new things we’re trying) that we’ll be sharing with you this week.

Throughout the first weekend, we played the game, watched the game in action, read your comments, and talked to many of you.

  • In general, for the second weekend, we have:
  • Fixed several bugs
  • We fixed some game scenes
  • We fixed some geo and map lighting issues
  • We have updated the continuity of some bugs related to Gunsmith.

Here are some of the things you gave us your feedback on:

Small map

  • Currently in the MW2 beta, we only show enemy player points when a drone is in use. The reason for this choice is that we don’t want to penalize players who fire their weapons. We also want players to actively search for the origin of the bullet instead of going directly to where the dot is on the minimap. We continue to collect feedback on how the game is progressing in relation to this topic.

Goal Tracking

  • We have received feedback that it is difficult to track targets when in bursts of fire. We acknowledge that this is a problem and have made changes to reduce the transparency of cannon smoke and increase the visibility of cannons to help engage the shooter. This change should make it easier to track your opponents in battle.
  • We’re also exploring other ways to distinguish enemies from friends visually, aside from the usual nameplates above opposing players’ heads. We will try a few changes on the second weekend…more on that later in the week.

User interface

  • We have taken into account feedback about the difficulty of modifying benefit packages, managing loading and accessing warehouses. We have identified some user interface issues as well as some bugs. These are things we won’t be able to fix in time for the second beta weekend, but we’re considering them before launch.


  • We received mixed reviews about the Perks package system. Some players like it and others think it’s an unnecessary change from the previous system. We think this is an interesting change in how perks work and overall game development. We’ve also balanced the ultimate perks so they’re more powerful if you get them later in the game. We will continue to test during the second beta weekend, including increasing the speed of access to these perks to see how players respond. Our focus remains on optimizing the flow of all benefits prior to launch.
  • Dead Silence is another hot topic, as many players have expressed an interest in being something fun and not an arena prank. We believe it is important to the health of the sport that runners cannot move at high speeds without consequence. Dead Silence as an arena upgrade creates a balance between freedom of movement and predictability of combat.


  • The sound of footsteps in the first week of the MP beta was very loud, giving players long-range information about enemies. For the second weekend, we have made some changes. We reduce the range of action sounds for different movement modes of players (jog, sprint, and smart run). This will reduce the cost of moving around the map. The second change is that the footprints of enemy and friend are now separated. This should help players better understand what’s happening when things roll around on the battlefield. More details to come.


  • Feedback on the removal of slide cancellation remains positive. We are aware of the fix and are considering how to address it during the second beta weekend. Additionally, we have other changes planned for the slide launch that will make this movement smoother and faster.