Miniature Porsche 911 RWB Pandora One at 1:18 by Solido – –

Miniature Porsche 911 RWB Pandora One at 1:18 by Solido – –

The French manufacturer of miniatures Solido launches in 1:18 reproduction of the models of the Japanese producer RWB, based on the Porsche 911 type 964. The heart of Alsace aims to discover the first realization of Solido through the RWB Pandora One of 2011 after the launch. RWB in the United States.

RWB Pandora One from 2011
The RWB Pandora One based on a 1993 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 was jointly developed in 2011 by Akira Nakai-san of RWB and Mark Arcenal of Fatlace and Illest.

The history of this car began in 2007 when Mark Arcenal, then employed by Nike, decided to buy the car of his dreams: the Porsche 911 Carrera 4. After seeing another 911 prepared in 2008, he decided to improve it by adding Recaro seats, a. sports steering wheel, KW shock absorbers and Rays Wheels TE37 rims for a JDM/Euro look.

But the main desire was to have RWB. A few years later, Mark Arcenal contacted RWB to purchase equipment from them. He took the opportunity to visit them in Japan.

When he returned to the United States, he contacted FFTEC Motorsports, a mechanical engineering company that specialized in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and soon dealing with Porsche models. The original idea was to build a biturbo engine that could develop more than 700 hp. In the end, it was more reasonable to stay with the 3.6 l engine prepared with one turbo, developing 398 hp and 501 Nm (6 psi of turbo pressure) to aim for 550 hp at 15 psi.

As with other RWB successes, the basic Porsche 911 was fully tuned (removed of all sound damage) and fitted with a full suspension to be able to drive on the track and comply with various sports regulations.

Before the body kit, the then-black car was painted a brighter color following Nakai’s suggestion to choose blue or another bright color. The green option was obvious and the rendering done by TNT Autobody in Sacramento is beautiful. The car’s sun roof was welded. While the color outside is matte, the green inside is bright, especially visible on the roll bar.

With the bodywork back on, Nakai got to work installing the various components in the new RWB USA buildings designed for this car and overhauling the suspension. The Porsche 964 that served as the basis has been modified to receive a complete set of aerodynamic parts designed and installed by the boss of Rauh-Welt Begriff. The body kit of this amazing 911 is distinguished by many extras and very widened fenders, large offset rims, a large rear spoiler, additional aerodynamic features including front spoilers, …

After the body work was completed, new interior materials were installed. The black interior contrasts with the green color of the bodywork. A touch of color is found in the passenger compartment with harnesses and a roll bar. A 3-spoke steering wheel in Alcantara is part of the equipment, as are RS aluminum pedals and footrests for the driver and even the front passenger, in the back if there is no seat. The door panels are in black RS leather. Other accessories are available such as Recaro bucket seats, Stack gauges, fire extinguisher, TRS mounts, etc.

Brembo was upgraded with the full Brembo GT package for more power. The original suspension has given way to the new KW HLS system which provides, in addition to excellent damping through KW V3 coilors, hydraulic lifting of the car through a special remote control. This allows the car to be lifted by simply pressing a button to pass the barrier.

Mark Arcenal asked Rotiform to design new 18-inch rims (18×10.5j front and 18×12.5j rear) in black, wearing Falken Azenis RT-615K tires in 265/35 R18 & 315/ 30 R18. He introduced RWB to Rotiform and showed them concept drawings of what he had in mind for the car. Akira Nakai-san was very happy to see wheels that reminded him of old school wheels. RWB x Rotiform not only looked great in the car, but was also very effective on the track.

Pandora One then returned to FFTEC for a final engine overhaul. After a few bench tests, a large oil leak was discovered, leading to an emergency full engine rebuild 4 days before the big event.

The RWB Pandora One was shown the day after the end of mechanical work at the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas where Nakai was there to make the RWB more popular in the US (which was very low at the time). As the first American RWB success, the Pandora One won the European Car Award at the Gran Turismo Awards.

A few years later in 2014, the Pandora One changed to a lower one: the green color gave way to a black tint, and the wheels were changed to a set of Work Brombacher.

A very nice miniature for the included price
Solido is doing very well by starting a 1:18 scale reproduction of the RWB models alongside those already in place with sister brand GT Spirit, which has already produced high-profile successes such as RWB Southern Cross.

Like the resin GT Spirit models, the Solido miniatures are metal with opening doors and directional front wheels. The originality of the RWB Pandora One model and its value for money are unbeatable, making it very attractive. And that’s just the beginning, another RWB model has also been released recently.

The proportions and the quality of the details are excellent, at the external level: many added parts support the authenticity of the breed of this Porsche 964 such as the rear light strip with the Porsche logo in the middle, the aerodynamic elements, especially at the front with the windshield front -deep shocks and a large 993 GT2 two-stage spoiler.

Despite the fact that the fine detail cannot match the most expensive resin model, the treatment of the matte green color is amazing, as is the modification of the various added features. Different details are also present as on the real car, bringing an extra touch of realism.

By opening the doors, you can see the interior that has not been neglected with a variety of real equipment: harnesses, cage painted green, aluminum feet and pedals, fire extinguisher, standards, bucket seats, plastic text that does not work. below. ,…

Turning the car upside down, the bottom of the engine and exhaust are there although they are not visible when the car is sitting on those wheels. These have received good treatment including semi-slick rubber tires.

Another model will be presented to you soon, again by Solido: RWB Hibiki.

A little detail
On each thumbnail presented, some detail caught our attention. The 2011 RWB Pandora One has a small exception: the name of the illest clothing brand in which the first 3 letters “sick” are clearly displayed on the sides of the rear spoiler. Head to the heart of Alsace at Grand Ried to photograph the RWB Pandora One along the River Ill crossing the area welcoming the cranes.

Availability and pricing
Sold in early 2022 at select retailers under the reference S1807502, the Solido 1:18 miniature RWB Pandora One is offered in a limited edition at a suggested price of 44.95 euros.