Mini JCW Countryman 2023, Its First Pictures Unveiled

Mini JCW Countryman 2023, Its First Pictures Unveiled

The latest MINI John Cooper Works Countryman generation is out of phase. The new SUV from the British manufacturer has evolved enough to undergo its initial dynamic testing at the Nürburgring track, where it was seen in spy images a few hours ago.

The experts of the BMW-owned British company continue to develop the most fuel-efficient version of the next generation of MINI SUVs. This third generation of the Countryman has experienced a significant alteration, abandoning the crossover idea and utilitarian dimensions in favor of a more ornate small-class alternative.

A few months ago, the new 2023 MINI John Cooper Works Countryman was seen near the BMW technical center in Munich, and throughout the winter, we also saw regular variants of the car undergoing winter testing.

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But these fresh spy photographs rolling on the Nürburgring circuit are visual proof of a considerable advancement in its development, with the chassis, steering, brakes, and suspensions undergoing their first dynamic configuration testing.

The 2023 MINI JCW Countryman makes its Nürburgring debut.

There are no major aesthetic modifications. The model is in one of the earliest stages of preparation, and the camouflage is so effective that it prevents the exposure of any detail. Nonetheless, certain aspects of this high-performance variant are admired.

The larger dimensions are readily apparent, as is the lowered body height to the ground, the sportier alloy wheels, the prominent side skirts, and the four exhaust pipes at the rear, arranged in two pairs with one at each end of the bumper, which is complemented by a spoiler placed on the tailgate and generously elongating the roof panel.

Although the pilots are preliminary, the gate has a little curve at the height of the light groups, with a portion of these light groups biting into the panel of the fifth door, a previously unseen and ignored element. Which also implies a whole different atmosphere. The inside is not seen in spy photographs, but a giant spherical display for the entertainment system can be seen in the center console.

The label that appears on the fuel tank cap and reminds drivers to replenish with 98 octane gasoline is an exception. A sign that the vehicle is equipped with a powerful gasoline engine, the 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder that it shares with the similarly new X1 M35i xDrive.

Similar to the German, the Oxford will include an 8-speed automatic gearbox, ALL4 all-wheel drive, and a maximum output of over 320 horsepower. The range-topping model of the new MINI Countryman lineup will emerge in the second half of 2023 as a 2024 model.

The Mini Countryman JCW All4 is the quickest and most athletic member of its model family. Here, we outline the car’s operating expenses and fuel consumption.

The test usage is comprised of 70% of the commuting route and 15% each of Eco and Sport.

During the NEDC cycle, the discrepancy between our consumption measurement and the manufacturer’s figure is 2.8 liters. The average fuel usage for a Mini is 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers. However, after our test lap, the odometer reads 9.7 gallons, which amounts to Super Plus charges of 12.02 euros given the present low cost of gasoline.

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When driving conservatively in Eco mode, we accomplish 7.1 liters of fuel; when driving aggressively, we achieve 12.2 liters. The gasoline expenses are computed using the daily updated fuel price listed on our partner website,

Monthly upkeep expenses

The cost of petrol for a 100-kilometer trip ranges from 8.80 euros (Eco) to 15.12 euros (Premium) (Sport). In addition, there is a 232 euro yearly car tax and a 414 euro annual liability insurance premium. The prices for basic and comprehensive insurance are 180 and 555 euros, respectively.

If you drive 15,000 kilometers per year, you must budget 349 euros per month; if you drive 30,000 kilometers per year, you must budget 639 euros per month. In addition, there is a loss of value.

The Mini Countryman JCW All4 has a starting price of 46,900 euros.

This is the testing procedure

The test consumption consists of three consumption runs with varying weights. “Commuter consumption” accounts for 70% of the total. The average distance traveled from home to work is 21 kilometers. 15% of the rating is based on a very economical lap of around 275 kilometers.

The remaining 15% is represented by the sports driver’s lap. The distance is comparable to that of the Eco lap, but the route has a greater number of freeways and, thus, faster average speeds. The gasoline prices are always calculated using the price listed on the “more taken” website on the day the article was published.

The monthly maintenance expenditures comprise maintenance, wear component prices, and vehicle taxes based on an annual mileage assumption of between 15,000 and 30,000 kilometers without depreciation.

The calculation is based on the test consumption, a three-year holding time, no-claims class SF12 for liability, and comprehensive insurance with Allianz, including discounts for garage parkers and restrictions on specific drivers, as well as a three-year holding term (not under 21). At Allianz, SF12 provides a 34% discount on liability insurance and a 28% discount on comprehensive insurance.

In the fuel-economy test, the Mini Countryman JCW All4 with 306 horsepower and a price tag of 46,900 euros averaged 9.7 liters Super Plus per 100 kilometers. This indicates that the cost of gasoline over this distance is 12,02 euros. The monthly upkeep expenses are 349 euros (15,000 km yearly mileage) or 639 euros (30,000 km annual mileage).