Milla Jasmine devotes herself to power against her opponents and denies scatophilia

Milla Jasmine devotes herself to power against her opponents and denies scatophilia

Since April 30, a new business called Porta Potty amazed the reality world TV. Several influencers have been involved in this story such as Marine and Océane El Himer, Milla Jasmine, Luna Skye and many others. Some have already denied the rumors. Now it’s Milla Jasmine’s turn to straighten out the issue. Contrary to many concerns, Lorenzo’s wife is backed by her fans in this scandal.

Milla Jasmine speaks

This conflict in Dubai he questioned the wealth of many celebrities.

For those who were waiting for the opinion of Nikola’s ex-girlfriend, he finally broke the silence and caused havoc. Milla denied any involvement in this scatophilia story in Dubai Porta Potty. He denies all charges. Milla says she has never been escort girl. But Lorenzo’s wife did not stop there. She has he filed a complaint against the man on the basis of his arguments. He explains that everyone who arrested Porta Potty was looking for a buzz while painting his name. This is unacceptable. For now, Milla has handed over her part to the organization right. So we are waiting for the authorities’ response. Too many people have begun to wonder if the foundation of persuasion money could not be found with swallowing human feces.

Many bloggers have maintained Milla Jasmine’s intervention in this case. Wassim TV’s Instagram account confirmed: ” What’s more, some American scholars are talking about it and we see Marine and Océane in the video cover. Milla Jasmine did the same in the past when she was an escort ”. This story can be counteracted by an incorrect number.

the work of celebrities of the world of reality TV is in danger of being beaten.

However, society by Milla Jasmine is with him wholeheartedly and she believes in him innocence in Porta Potty. Even though the scandal is currently raging on social media, brunette fans are not allowed to be sure of her guilt.

It is already a blow to them to know that Milla Jasmine will not be at World Cup 2.

Hell’s downfall of Milla Jasmine and other influencers

Blogger Wassim tv said: ” The few influencers you see on social media are real escorts. They are paid to stay with billionaires in Dubai. But if they want more money, they have to do more… ”. It is hard to imagine our aspiring TV logo candidates who are always good and at the forefront of the Haute Couture group rushing for such practice. Eat human feces making money. It’s dirty! Still the name of Milla Jasmine is based on the terms of this Instagram account.

We also accuse Marine, Océane, Haneia, Amber, Manon Marsault. Paga des Marseillais in Mexico has confirmed that she is her ex-boyfriend Luna Skye it was escort girl.

All these beauties who through social media show us a dream life so they have things to hide. Apparently with 20,000 euros and more, the female escorts were forced to enter. filthy habits. The billionaires paid those who agreed to have sex with animals (dogs, camels, etc.). These charges of scatophilia and zoophilia it is shaking the internet users significantly at the moment. Sisters of El Himer they have already defended themselves by refusing to intervene on their part in Porta Potty.

They explained that their pictures were used to support the truth.

Milla Jasmine’s new car after Dubai Porta Potty

When this controversy arose, Lorenzo’s wife he did not care. It was a bit of his concern, so to speak. He continued to live, enjoying his peaceful life and only expressed on social media what he wanted. Instead of talking and denying the allegations immediately, Milla Jasmine took the time to show her 3.3 million customers a luxury car waiting for her when she woke up.

By the way, this is not just any car. Yes, the world’s most expensive Rolls Royce, a Rolls Royce Cullinan of about 344,000 euros.

It costs a lot of money. There is still doubt among internet users that this wealth is in Dubai Porta Potty. But let’s face it, this luxury car can only be rented.


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