Mikel Azcona and Hyundai are already the winning couple after winning in Pau

Mikel Azcona and Hyundai are already the winning couple after winning in Pau

Mikel Azcona already knows what it means to win with Hyundai colors. He only needed a few races to climb the podium with his new brand, in a fantastic environment like Pau. After avoiding an accident that occurred at the scene, The Navarrese rider has dominated the race with an iron-turned grid of WTCR on French urban planning. Santiago Urrutia and Ma Qing Hua have completed the stage in Pauwith Lynk & Co twice in the ‘top 3’.

Because of the flexible grid concept used by WTCR for the second most expensive weekend heat, Hungarian Norbert Michelisz started from the pole. However, the leader’s condition lasted only a few meters. The Hyundai driver came out worse than Attila Tassi and in his attempt to beat Hungarian, they all collided.. Michelisz ended up on the wall, dragging the Hass of Tassi along the way. Some pelotons were unable to dodge the two crossing vehicles since the accident happened at a slower pace.

Santiago Urrutia could not stop Mikel Azcona’s car and finished second.

Mikel Azcona was the smartest when it came to winning the event and positioning himself as the race leader. in front of Lynk & Co 03 TCR of Santiago Urrutia, Yann Ehrlacher and Ma Qing Hua. So The Navarrese went on to lead their second race with Hyundai, leading the stadium reduced to fifteen cars, as Mehdi Bennani and Gilles Magnus were also affected by the initial touch. Without a Safety Vehicle on the road, Azcona had to endure a fierce attack on Santiago Urrutiain a duel that has already appeared in the first race.

For more than 20 minutes of running ahead, Mikel Azcona seemed to be mentally aware of the huge opposition exercise he had to complete. At high speed he managed to get oxygen so as not to cause Lynk & Ur of Urrutia to get stuck in its back wing. Azcona hit the table in the next round and managed to score his first goal over Urrutia by more than three seconds.. With 12 minutes left, Yann Ehrlacher bid farewell to his platform options with a punch on the right front wheel.

Ma Qing Hua has secured an unexpected position on the podium due to a puncture by Yann Ehrlacher.

The WTCR champion twice lost third place as he went through holes, giving Ma Qing Hua a free pass to get on stage. Meanwhile, Azcona was seen moving to the rhythm of the metronome while pinching his thighs after the thigh maintained his lead against Urrutia for 3.6 seconds. Behind both, the inability to move at all. A few passing options offered by Pau and the distance between them they made the race almost turn into a count while the minutes were counted.

A suitable document for Mikel Azcona and that led him to his first victory with Hyundai in comfort. The Spaniard won the fifth Hyundai Elantra N TCR victory at the Tourist World Cup, setting his record with his new brand. by finishing in front of Santiago Urrutia and Ma Qing Hua. The fourth was Nathanaël Berthon as the best personal pilot, with Esteban Guerrieri holding fifth place, a result that is enough for him to emerge as the first WTCR leader. finishing the race in front of Yvan Muller and Néstor Girolami.

Results of Race 2 WTCR 2022 in PAU Cycle


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