Microsoft Brings HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality for Volkswagens and Moving Cars

Microsoft Brings HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality for Volkswagens and Moving Cars

Obviously, when it comes to mixed reality, Microsoft and Volkswagen car maker have goals to integrate. In a press statement, M in GAFAM states: “Imagine wearing your improved realistic glasses in the morning before you get in your car. Your self-driving car takes you where you are going, you can enjoy traffic holographic displays, weather, browse shopping suggestions and stories about the architecture around you on the way. you can use the holographic controls in front of you to adjust the cabinet temperature to your liking ”.

Microsoft continues: “This reinforced fact, an integral part of future mobility concepts, is the future as researchers think of German car manufacturer Volkswagen. To approach this vision, Volkswagen has partnered with Microsoft by allowing HoloLens 2 audio receivers to mixed realities should be used in driving for the first time. Volkswagen has already embarked on augmented reality in its automotive identification vehicles from 2020.

Microsoft puts its HoloLens 2 technology in motion

At that point, the manufacturer attached a transparent screen that holds information about the driver settings. But we learn that Volkswagen has been experimenting since 2015 around these technologies. The manufacturer reveals that he then tried to use the HoloLens helmet on his vehicle board, to better identify the device’s main obstacle: from the passenger compartment and in motion, the HoloLens helmet sensors no longer work properly, which prevents the system from setting itself and show everything important in the correct 3D area.

It was then that the two companies secretly approached. In early 2018, Microsoft revealed that it has started working on the HoloLens 2 standard that works in moving cars. By connecting audio equipment to the car and changing the algorithm, it is possible to display important 3D information outside the car and inside. However, the service, which is offered to HoloLens professional customers, is not limited to Volkswagen.

Indeed, HoloLens 2 technology “It already attracts companies and organizations in the maritime industry, which are already using HoloLens to connect their employees and mechanical experts through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist platform” – features that were only available from HoloLens detectors when the boat was parked at the port. HoloLens 2 technology makes it possible to provide this type of support even when the boat is in motion.

Microsoft confirms that the feature has been approved for use on larger ships. And he adds that it will soon be possible to use this HoloLens 2 calculator option in elevators, trains, cars and other moving environments. The HoloLens 2 technology developed by Microsoft and Volkswagen engineers still seems to be aimed specifically at professionals. We can certainly see Amazon giving its product delivery people to identify delivery addresses more quickly, for example.

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However, Microsoft also hopes to announce headlines of mixed reality to the public. In particular, technology can make it possible to provide entertainment for passengers on a variety of modes of transport. “Microsoft is not only interested in commercial devices like HoloLens, but also, in the long run, in developing devices that will make sense in the daily lives of users. You will be able to communicate with others in 3D, rather than on a small screen ”concludes the company.

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