Michelle Joaquim’s first book will be released this Saturday

Michelle Joaquim’s first book will be released this Saturday

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The writer from Maringa, Michelle Joaquim, launches her first book this Saturday, August 6. “The last time I doubted myself” is published by the Iperfil publishing house and features 43 poems on different topics, but with a strong presence of feminism and other issues of politically. Illustrations that discuss the poems were made by an artist from Maringa, Thiago Caleffi. The preface is signed by social scientist, researcher and art critic Elaine Campos.

There will be two book launch events: an autograph night on Saturday, the 6th, at 7:30 pm at the CAC – Centro de Ação Cultural, with the special participation of a dance group with small performances and other artistic experiments and and on Sunday, launch event with the presence of poets, writers, entertainer, DJ Babu and an open microphone for those who want to participate.

Michelle Joaquim is 35 years old, has a degree in Letters from the State University of Maringá (UEM), a master’s degree in Literary Studies (UEM), a bachelor’s degree in translation studies (UEM), proofreader, teacher and writer . He began to write regularly while still a graduate student, but it was only after participating in the Coletivo Palavrão de Experiências Literarias that he began to recognize himself as a writer.

“The last time I doubted myself was the first time I wrote a poem I loved. So I dug into my drawers, and found, among the scraps, a scrap – a record: evidence of life. I closed the drawer with the key inside. Poetry was left out and asked the world, where it came from and where it is destined. I am a writer, I understood,” he says. “When a woman realizes herself as a writer, and has no doubts about her abilities, she tells all other women that they too can do whatever they want.”

The book “The last time I doubted myself” was born from a selection of poems and writings that were put on a shelf. It is a book of a woman who thinks about herself, her and all of us. The apparent simplicity of the poems is a choice of beauty. In poems of two or 20 lines, there is always an invitation to reflect on everyday life and, therefore, philosophy. Invitation available through popular language and illustrated short poems.

The publication was made possible through the Aniceto Matti Award and will have a free distribution of 1,000 copies. There is also an audiobook version that includes audio-visual descriptions (distributed to regional organizations for the benefit of the blind and visually impaired).

Autograph night: August 6 at 7:30 pm at the CAC Cultural Center (514 Av. XV de Novembro)
Launching Soiree: August 7 at 4 pm at Casa Lunar (Rua Ibirá, 156, Jd. Alvorada)

The information is from the press office.