Miami – Race: Red Bull dominates Ferrari, Alpine-Renault firm

Miami – Race: Red Bull dominates Ferrari, Alpine-Renault firm

Led by Scuderia Ferrari in the qualifiers, Red Bull finally won its bout against the Italian company at the end of the highly contested Miami Grand-Prix, front and back of the stage. After a beautiful Saturday, Alpine-Renault offers the most satisfying Sunday, approved and finished twice in the top 10.

Starting at the eleventh and twentieth positions, the Renault Group factory team had a lot to do to be able to assemble a few units. However, the French team has worked long and hard during free practice and benefited from the latest innovations. This seems to be the case for the visible progress in this area in the Grand-Prix.

This started in the best way for two people, already because the two Aston Martins started out of the holes, earning one or two chances. Then, if Esteban Ocon starts with caution, Fernando Alonso is more aggressive, taking the lead against several rivals due to passing out. Here he is in the seventh.

The two Alpine-Renaults do not have the same strategy. The Spaniard is in the middle, like most opponents, with a fellow Frenchman gambling. The race continues slowly, with Fernando Alonso making minor mistakes and losing space for Lewis Hamilton. The two-time world champion then goes on to hunt for Pierre Gasly. For its part, Esteban Ocon attacks Williams-Mercedes.

Fernando Alonso is behind his rival from AlphaTauri. However, very threatening, he fails to pass her by. His speed however is enough to take a big lead over his predecessor McLaren-Mercedes. The Spaniard is trying to save early. If the idea is good, the change of wheels is bad. He loses three seconds and leaves ahead of Aston Martins. Pierre Gasly stands just after that and can breathe.

Esteban Ocon extends his stand. Frankly, the Frenchman is very fast with his hard-worn rubber. It is the right choice, in the hope of a Safe Car or a Safe Car to get it. This comes down to 20 rounds from goal, thanks to a ploy by Fernando Alonso.

Earlier with difficulty with his hard tires, the Spaniard ended up getting ripped off and found Pierre Gasly. He tries to overtake but ends up in contact. The Alpine-Renault driver started off too far, and received a five-second logical penalty. His French rival, however, lost everything, found himself on a peloton and touched Lando Norris whose car ended up being damaged.

The opportunity is very good for Esteban Ocon to keep the tender for suspension “free”. He leaves tenth place when Fernando Alonso, eighth, will be forced to manage his penalty. With about ten rounds to go, the launch of the race went smoothly. The Spaniard is however facing pressure from Mick Schumacher and his teammate. In ambush, Sebastian Vettel enters secretly but touches Haas-Ferrari.

Esteban Ocon took over and passed both cars, with Fernando Alonso escaping. In the few remaining loops, the Alpine-Renaults create enough gap to defend themselves and undo the Spaniard’s penalty. The latter crossed the line in front of his counterpart in the eighth and ninth positions, but the positions were changed because of these 5 seconds added to the number 14. This is the only result, finally happy, of this penalty.

These are the overall positive results for Alpine-Renault. The French team removes its worst qualifying match, its penalty and earns as many points as the Alfa Romeo team, which is even better today. The balance sheet enhanced by the A522 is more influential in its tire management. Progress exists. It will be confirmed in Spain in fifteen days.

pos. Rubani Team Gap It stands
1 Mr. Verstappen Red Bull Tournament 57 rounds 1
2 C. Leclerc Scuderia Ferrari +3.786 1
3 C. Sainz Scuderia Ferrari +8.229 1
4 S.Perez Red Bull Tournament +10.638 2
5 G.Russell mercedes +18.582 1
6 L.Hamilton mercedes +21.236 1
7 V. Bottas Alfa Romeo Tournament +25.073 1
8 E.Ocon Alpine F1 Team +28.386 1
9 F.Alonso Alpine F1 Team +32.128 1
10 A. Albon Williams Tournament +32.365 1
11 D. Ricciardo McLaren +35.902 2
12 L.Walking Aston Martin F1 Team +37.026 1
13 Y.Wanted Scuderia Alpha Tauri +40.156 2
14 N. Latifi Williams Tournament +49.936 1
15 Mr. Schumacher Haas Team F1 +1: 13.305 2
16 K. Magnussen Haas Team F1 +1 turns 3
17 S. Vettel Aston Martin F1 Team DNF 2
18 P. Gasly Scuderia Alpha Tauri DNF 3
19 L. Norris McLaren DNF 1
20 G. Zhou Alfa Romeo Tournament DNF 1

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