Miami Grand Prix – Charles Leclerc (Ferrari): “Maybe I could do something better”

Miami Grand Prix – Charles Leclerc (Ferrari): “Maybe I could do something better”

Charles Leclerc had already started twice from a good position this year, and each time he had turned his profit into victory. Of all the races of Sakhir and Melbourne, he had even led 113 of the 115 possible races. A good start writer, Sunday in a Miami garden, was undoubtedly launched for a new lonely journey. But the situation of the fifth round of the World Cup took a bad turn for him and Scuderia Ferrari. Alongside him on the front line, Carlos Sainz was forced to defend him from Max Verstappen (Red Bull), at least delaying the return deadline of his reigning world champions. It did not happen. In the first brake, the Spaniard was not aggressive and the Dutchman outscored him and chased the previous F1 75.

In circles, we understood that the Monegasque cause was free. The Ferrari n ° 16 did not have the anti-aging properties of the Austrian machine and it is quite logical that it lost in the 9 out of 57 categories that counted this first test in Florida, presented in front of 82,000 enthusiastic spectators and star spectators. invited to the event to give it an unprecedented appeal.

Miami Grand Prix

Verstappen puts Leclerc and Ferrari in check


F1 75 “very hard to drive”

“Charlot” then got stuck sharply behind RB18 n ° 1. In the 10th round, he was no longer in the second position required to hold the DRS, and in the 12th round, he lost contact completely due to prolonged brake failure at the age of 17. The circuit architects, who wanted to make their layout The “fault generator” had killed off suspicions almost beautifully. With 2.4 behind the navy blue machine, where everything was under control, the Principality native had no chance of seeing his opponent up close.

“The car is too hard to drive”, he breathed in the 24th round. His only small way was a hole trying to provoke his opponent. Which made a loop later, without putting a hole in Red Bull in panic. Continuing to run in danger of being caught by a security vehicle intervening, “Super Max” went through his mechanic two rounds after him, to finish off the “hard” rubber.

Denial of DRS time is even more important

For a 4 “6 charge, the young captain had only one chance to change the situation, if not by way of neutralization, which took place in round 42, following an accident between Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) and Lando Norris (McLaren). New hopes for the Reds, which disappeared over the highways. Ferrari was excellent in the “hard” is sure, but not enough to really threaten the Batavian Red Bull, easily with traction and high speed. Charles Leclerc still played his fortune with confidence, and he came close to succeeding in the 50th round in the second straight line of the circuit. and 17 years old, which will remain his last regret.

“It was a tough physical racehe expressed himself in a fire and has not yet fully recovered from his emotions. We suffered ‘medium’ during the first phase and were overwhelmed. This made our race more difficult. We had a lot of competition with tough people, and we thought we could have Verstappen but he had an advantage in terms of speed. I hope we will continue to attack. “

“Very honestly, they were fast”

Still a world champion leader, but with more than 19 points ahead of Verstappen, who also placed the fastest thigh, the driver from the Administration went into more detail on the analysis of these races on the Canal + microphone. “We have a lot of trouble with ‘medium’, finally on soft tires -” medium “-” soft “, he admitted. So much for us to use the peak of the tires at slow angles: one lap we have, one lap we lose a lot. talking to Carlos (Sainz, third). “We are making changes to the car to improve performance in the race. In qualifying it is not bad. When the tire is new, but later when it comes to tire wear, we are not as good as Red Bull.

Of course, we can’t help but think that his tire failure in the Imola race against his crown rival could affect his race management, but it didn’t. “I was careful from the beginning because I did not know how good the handle was in (corner), he explained. Today, strangely, it was much better than in the past so I was amazed. When I got inside Max (at lap 50) I could probably have done something better but I hadn’t had a chance to try that line before. It did not help that DRS was not activated immediately, but it did. Quite honestly, they were fast, as if they were Imola. And again, these are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

Miami Grand Prix

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Miami Grand Prix

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