Miami GP – The third Podium for Sainz despite neck pain and Ferrari strategy

Miami GP – The third Podium for Sainz despite neck pain and Ferrari strategy

Carlos Sainz is back on track for good results and, although losing more of his direct rivals, is at least reunited with the platform in a race that was more difficult than it should have been.

Although Carlos Sainz had little hope of fighting for victory on Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, already at the time of departure the idea disappeared. And it is that the Spanish pilot lost the position to Max Verstappen, who also left a few seconds ahead with Charles Leclerc.

From then on, the goal was clear: we had to hold on to third place against Sergio Pérez, who I had about 10 km / h more on the straights. And the fact is that the Ferrari driver did it perfectly despite the difficulties.

“It wasn’t easy at all, it was a hard race with the tires, and the heat.”

The first in the form of neck pain after a serious accident on Friday. Nothing great, but it certainly did not help you in those physical races, even in hot springs. But, it turned out that Carlos Sainz already had third place, came the accident between Sebastian Vettel and Pierre Gaslywhich caused the security vehicle to leave.

So, the 7 seconds that the Spanish driver was with the Mexican from Red Bull disappeared. And not only that, but his opponent was standing in the arena without wasting space new central tires. Meanwhile, Ferrari decided to straighten out its drivers using hardbacks despite the fact that the leader, Max Verstappen, had not competed.

Carlos Sainz is fully defensive

When the security vehicle disappeared and the race resumed, Carlos Sainz went to work on his defense with used hard tires. At least the Ferrari helped by heating the tires better than those of its rival.

But when DRS started playing, crossing the border seemed inevitable. However, Sergio Pérez came in quickly and launched from far away to turn 1, increasing the brakes and to see how Sainz got that position and also to get more grounded.

That was the end of everything, because Pérez’s midfield lost their sweet moment and Sainz didn’t fail, he crossed the finish line in third place and scored. third platform in five races and after giving up twice in a row.

“I feel good after the accident on Friday, I had a neck pain during the race, fight it and manage”, explained Carlos Sainz at the end of the race. “Especially at the end, with Checo (Pérez) and his central tire, it was hard to put him back, but I was able to sit on the podium, which is a good result ».

“It wasn’t easy at all, it was a hard race with the tires, and the heat. The car was moving, sliding, and finally we got what we wanted, which is the third acceptable position. Now we can climb, “Carlos Sainz said.” I want more, but not bad. ”

Now, Carlos Sainz highlights the Spanish Grand Prixwhere he probably wants to get his first win in Formula 1. Will he succeed?

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari

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