Miami GP – Alonso returns to points: “He deserves it, but luck continues to elude us”

Miami GP – Alonso returns to points: “He deserves it, but luck continues to elude us”

After parting ways with Imola in the first leg for reasons beyond his control, Fernando Alonso came back and added another 2 points, as he did in Bahrain, in a race that did not go well for him.

After failing to qualify 10 bora On Saturday when a traffic jam destroyed his way to Q3, Fernando Alonso came out with a knife between his teeth until the first race held in Miami in Form 1 history.

So much so, beyond the fact that Lance Stroll’s position was left vacant because the Canadian pilot had to start from. pit holeThe Spaniard came to be put inside 7th place after tracing the first curves.

Bad luck

From there, Alonso tried to maintain his position as he could not move further on the grid due to speed. However, Lewis Hamilton, who was touched by him in the first metersit found him a short time later and Pierre Gasly, being in their midst, became his main target.

“I started well: I was very risky in the first corner“I touched Hamilton but we won several chances there,” admitted Alonso. The dirty side of the grid was not as bad at first as predicted when seeing the poor condition of the pavement in the past, and that is when the Spanish war broke out.

However, probably overconfidence in one of the attempts to outwit Gasly ended up costing him dearly. “Later I played with Gasly; I was punished, I lost those 5 seconds … I stopped badly, I lost another 4 seconds … so he always went with his leg changing and always in attack, ”continued Alonso.

“The reality is that the race has been very strong, at least for me where I was,” he added. Suspension of 5.7 seconds He ended up finishing so he had to start back more than he would have liked and thus found it hard to stay on points … but he succeeded by 2 ten.

“In the end, adding some points I think is fair and deserved, but I think luck continues to avoid us, because for example Russell, Esteban, Albon … people who were 16 or 17, there were Safety Car in due time to finish again before us. I hope it will happen to us one day“, he demanded.

Mea culpa

While the second investigation into # 14 using out the song ended with a black and white warning flag, Alonso admitted that the FIA ​​penalty for contacting Gasly who ended up failing to turn around and collide with Lando Norris was prudent.

“I delayed the brakes, closed it and went against him, so I understand the penalty”

“I think right”he sighed. “I haven’t seen it on TV yet, I applied the brakes a little late, stopped and went against him, so I understand the punishment. My mistake. I could not get him back, because he was already out of the race, so 5 seconds is OK “, he concluded.

Photo: Alpine F1 Team

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