“Mercedes works hard and successfully”

“Mercedes works hard and successfully”

Nico Hulkenberg is enjoying the first half of the F1 season. The German would like to drive on his own, but in 2022 he will have to work as a reserve driver for Aston Martin. In his opinion, all aspects of the top motorsport community have improved in the last six months.

“The peloton is closer this season and statistically there are fewer instances of the leader taking a full lap on other competitors than in previous years, more wins and sometimes the chance of a real counter attack if you’d been overtaken before. The qualifying sessions are also exciting this year and results that are very difficult to predict at times,” writes Hulkenberg in his column on his Linkedin page.

However, even the 34-year-old Emmerik has to admit that Ferrari and Red Bull were able to quickly build a lead, making the winning situation the same as last year. At that time, there were also two teams that dominated the division.

“I’m sure some people from F1 and the FIA ​​were hoping for more balance here,” the German said. Behind them though, it’s very exciting and creates some very intense battles. “Behind these two teams it has been very close and the battle for the podium and points has been very exciting with different results.”

Red Bull and Ferrari are currently in the lead, but the man who has never won in 181 Grands prix races predicts this is about to change. “Yes, you read it correctly, I’m sure the player will be closer in the future. Mercedes is working hard and successfully to close the gap between Ferrari and Red Bull. At Silverstone they were close to their first victory, and in France they climbed their podium the first double this year. In the second half of the season, we can expect an exciting battle between the top three teams.”