Mercedes will play with smart escapers

Mercedes will play with smart escapers

Like most manufacturers, Mercedes won’t be making the trip to the next Paris Motor Show. And the company has a special reason.

As the event approaches, the list of absent builders grows longer. Very bad news for the organizers, but also for the public. And for good reason, it’s been two years since the Paris Motor Show, and visitors can’t wait to discover the new features being offered again. An impossible event for young and old, which therefore should not have exactly the same taste this year. And for good reason, many brands have decided to play absent subscribers, for many reasons. Lack of profit, the price of the stand is too expensive or the lack of new products to deliver. And today, it’s the turn of another expected manufacturer to announce that it won’t be coming in October.

Mercedes says no

This is Mercedes, which has officially announced that it will not participate in the next World Cup in Paris. A decision that is really not a surprise, considering the number of brands in the same case. But for the star builder, the reason is unique. Indeed, if this one does not make the journey, it is because ” the stand given to him was not visible enough“, when the organizers had decided to modify the program of the show to some extent. But is this the real reason, or the brand just decided to change its mind after calculating that the investment was not worth it. Indeed, standing in this event sometimes costs several million euros , for a very moderate profit.

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A long list

So the German brand is expanding an already dizzying list. Indeed, there will be many absent this year, starting with the entire Volkswagen group. Not Audi, not Porsche, not Lamborghini and not at all Bentley or Skoda. Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Opel, Alfa Romeo or even Toyota and Mazda will not be consumers either, as will Lexus, Hyundai, Kia and BMW and Jaguar-Land Rover. And the list unfortunately is probably still not the last one …

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