Mercedes-Benz workers go on strike after layoffs announced

Mercedes-Benz workers go on strike after layoffs announced

Workers at the Mercedes-Benz plant in São Bernardo do Campo, in ABC Paulista, went on strike after the announcement of 3,600 layoffs announced by the company’s management. The restructuring will affect 2,200 direct workers and 1,400 part-time workers. The company has about 10,400 employees in this division.

In the assembly, Thursday afternoon (8), production was disabled and should return on Monday. According to the union, there will be a meeting on Tuesday (13) with the company, to start negotiations. In a statement, Mercedes-Benz highlighted that “discussions that directly affect our employees will be the subject of detailed negotiations with the ABC Metalworkers Union”.

The president of the ABC Steel Workers Union, Moisés Selérges, said, during the meeting, that the stoppage is a protest and that he intends to show management “how to negotiate”, according to a report published on the organization’s website.

“We need to show that the negotiation process takes place around the table. Often, in the negotiation process, everything that the party wants will not win, but also everything that the company wants will win”, says the document.

The executive director of the union, Aroaldo Oliveira da Silva, reiterated that the institution was already discussing the management topics of the factory such as the state of the truck market, the need for rezoning, the lack of parts and semiconductors.


The changes at the Mercedes-Benz factory involve the outsourcing of production. According to the company, the decision is to focus on the production of “trucks and bus chassis and on the development of technology and future services”.

“We will stop producing some components internally and stop doing activities that can be done by other partner companies, such as: equipment, maintenance, production and assembly of front axles and central transmission, tools and laboratories, until then it will be done in the São Paulo factory Bernardo do Campo (SP) and which will be implemented by contracted companies”, says the note.

The automaker also highlights that the preference is to hire companies “in the Greater ABC area, with a commitment to our local community”. The company also says that the chain of new distributors should generate a significant amount of business.

Mercedes-Benz has been operating in Brazil for over 65 years.