Mercedes-Benz trucks launch 3rd generation of its OM 471 engine

Mercedes-Benz trucks launch 3rd generation of its OM 471 engine

The well-known Daimler OM471 engine in Arocs and Actros trucks changes during the upcoming IAA 2022 show. Mercedes-Benz has launched some features.

We will have to wait until October 2022 to get the delivery of Mercedes-Benz Arocs and Actros trucks with the new generation of Daimler OM471 engines specifically upgraded to Euro VI-e. However, these are open to orders from April 2022.

The suppression ratio has increased from 18.3: 1 to 20.3: 1; pistons, cylinder head structures and ducts, needles are adjusted. Internal irritation pressure increases to 250 bar. Two variants of turbo-compressors, designed and manufactured indoors, are visible. The turbo blower focused on increasing consumption (engine up to 476hp, consumption was advertised below -4%) and another aimed at finding higher engine power and constraint (versions up to 530hp, consumption was advertised low -3.5%).

Daimler also announces that it has reduced the friction losses: the engine oil pressure control valve is new and has an electric actuator that controls the pressure reduction valve according to the engine map. Reducing pressure depends on cooling conditions or lubrication. This is accompanied by very low viscosity engine oil. The gas exhaust system after treatment has detected reduced pressure, which improves the engine air loop, and therefore its filling.

As a bonus, the effectiveness of post-SCR and AdBlue treatment increases, which makes it possible to expand the scope of work in the extra air, which is good for the use of diesel fuel. Nitrogen oxide sensors, as well as control circuit and predictable SCR temperature model, according to Mercedes-Benz, have improved production stability throughout engine life (according to Euro VI-e requirements).

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Combined with the OM471 engines, Daimler PowerShift automatic transmission benefits from the new controls, hence the name PowerShift Advanced. Clutch control controls have been optimized to start and accelerate faster. Gear shifts would also be made quickly. The set would provide, according to Mercedes-Benz, the torque breakdown when changing gears reduced by 40% on the top gear rows. The setting of the acceleration pedal is adjusted: sensitivity can make the maneuver more accurate. The TopTorque model is available on 450hp and 476hp engines as well as the G281 gearbox. Engine output values ​​increase by 200Nm over 7 to 12 gear rows when program A is turned on. We will therefore be waiting for IAA 2022 for their first public presentation.

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