Mercedes-Benz S-Class 580e on the Dijon-Prenois track

Mercedes-Benz S-Class 580e on the Dijon-Prenois track

Mercedes and Dijon-Prenois have been traveling together for several years. Edouard Mion, Dijon’s marketing director, has thus put a good S 580e class in the hands of circuit president Yannick Morizot. Launched on its Milky Way, the star hybrid has earned points.

We were not forced to. To greet the Dijon-Prenois circuit, Edouard Mion provided all the facilitiesi.e. class 580e S. Not surprisingly: the director of Mercedes-Benz Dijon and Chalon dealers describes himself as ” unconditional partner of sedans “For decades, the S-Class has been on the horizon. This great lady of the road is designed for first-class travel, with the beauty of a leather seat, with an attractive” hyperscreen “medium … 6 cylinder line to pass when needed. Because beauty also has less cap. With 510 horsepower, it mixes ” the best of both worlds Says our driver.

Turn on the electricity ahead of time

Mercedes-Benz contains innovation and sports genes. His track record in F1, the eight-time World Cup builder title, is self-explanatory. This competitive engineering directly benefits production vehicles. Edouard knows something about this, after trying out the brand new AMG EQE, 100% electronic and customer. A gemstone of more than 2 tons, rising up to 100 km / h in 4 seconds. ” I’ve been in the car for thirty years and I can still be amazed. We have a pure V8 feel “, he comments to a person who is fascinated by his charming style all the time, expecting any dissatisfaction with the pleasure of driving in an electric environment.

Our era is right to rush the floor towards this kind of motorization. Top industry leaders predict: in a few years, there will be developers who will survive with others. Mercedes has anticipated this basic movement and is already offering an alternative to electricity in all its rows. The German brand has decided on a complete overhaul at the end of the decade, five years before the “zero carbon” obligation adopted by the European Union.

Prenois, meeting place

This strategy goes hand in hand with a huge moving market. ” Mercedes wants to gradually withdraw part of the charge for the luxury segment, with a high probability of privatization and high-level driving pleasure. Then we touch on the top condition, on a unique car “Says Edouard Mion, just before he arrives in front of the blue circular gate he is well aware of. Because our destination is not a coincidence. The Chopard group, based in Besançon, not only has Étoile 21 and 71 in his pocket, but also those of Doubs and Territoire de Belfort.

So Dijon’s route is a great place to meet these potential partners and clients., the epicenter of joint emotions always contributes to exchange. ” I am fascinated by what Prenois has become ”, Slows Edouard again, and activates the new reception areas and cafeteria capable of meeting all the needs of the event. On October 12, Etoile 21 teams will also be on the field, with many other regional motorists and renowned drivers, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the cycle.

Good star travel

Immediately, Yannick Morizot does not say the opposite. The president of the private circuit thanks the brand company and the star. He has run several models, from the prestigious 190 to the S-class comfort. Prenois develops its sports DNA, you should just see the bikes that were riding this morning, but in everyday life, I expect the car to be comfortable, spacious, designed for long distances. “In that case, it did not fall badly. This beautiful combination has the character of a sedan and the beauty of a limo. On board, there are still good star trips to be made.

Mercedes-Benz Dijon: 4, rue Paul Langevin in Chenôve. Phone: 03 80 59 64 64