Mercedes Benz |  Launch of a new, more efficient battery with EQG

Mercedes Benz | Launch of a new, more efficient battery with EQG

The transition to electricity comes with many challenges. Among these, autonomy certainly remains one of the most important efforts to promote the adoption of electric vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is about to make a breakthrough that will allow its electric range to travel further on a full charge.

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Charles Rene

Charles Rene

According to a British magazine Coach which mentions sources working with the German manufacturer, the EQG will be the first model to receive a new generation of batteries that are significantly more powerful.

Developed in collaboration with the American company Sila Nanotechnologies, these batteries would have a higher energy density of 20 to 40% compared to the lithium-ion batteries currently used by Mercedes-Benz. They use silicon anodes with different chemistries.

This will reduce the amount of batteries and thus increase their adaptability to various vehicles of different configurations. The fact that these batteries are used by the electric version of the G-Class therefore makes a lot of sense. The military base of the ladder-shaped SUV dates back to the late 1970s, apart from a modern powertrain. Prototype production is scheduled for 2025.