Mercedes-Benz has almost no electric cars on sale

Mercedes-Benz has almost no electric cars on sale

Mercedes-Benz SUV EQS | Photo: Mercedes-Benz

  • Mercedes, like many other car manufacturers, is struggling to provide enough EVs to meet demand

  • The CEO of the brand says his company does everything to get cars for buyers

  • AMG will soon have its own automotive platform

Demand for cars, especially EVs, is so high right now that many car manufacturers are struggling to build enough to satisfy customers.

According to the CEO, Mercedes-Benz is close to running out of electric cars and is doing everything possible to deliver them to their buyers. The reason given for the small number of electric vehicles coming from the automatic connecting mechanisms is the same one mentioned by many other companies over the past two years: There are not enough components to make them.

The supply shortfall caused by this epidemic still has a negative impact on automotive manufacturing and the ongoing war in Ukraine puts extra pressure on the supply chain, especially for factories in Germany, where Mercedes creates many of its EVs.

The brand recently introduced its first electronic models in several markets and appears to be more popular than expected by buyers, which is another reason why the brand is in its current position.

During the same interview, the brand’s CEO pointed to a new platform for AMG electric vehicles that will be launched on May 19.

That means Mercedes-AMG electric sports cars can be built from chassis and mechanics different from the usual Mercedes-Benz. The first cars to use this platform are expected by the end of 2025.

We hope that supply shortages will be reduced by then, as demand for electric vehicles is expected to continue to increase over the years.

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