Mercedes-Benz EQXX: Paris-Marseille without stopping

Mercedes-Benz EQXX: Paris-Marseille without stopping

The EQXX Vision Vision concept prefers autonomy with its aerodynamic lines and natural power.

At first glance, the machine is impressive. But at once Mercedes-Benz does not offer an electric power monster with this EQXX concept. Instead, a narrow race car would have only 200 hp, sensible power rather than brand character in terms of prototypes. EQXX wants to be the kind of laboratory that prefers the current electricity economy, a criterion that will take on more and more importance in the coming years. Those who love the electric car are hampered by the reluctance of political decision-makers to launch forcefully over the availability of power stations. Almost all cities and regions in Europe will not be able to keep pace with the growing number of electric vehicles. As a result, manufacturers are studying all the ways to increase independence.

The back part, of the 'Long Tail' type, promotes air flow
The back part, of the ‘Long Tail’ type, promotes air flow© GF

10kWh / km 100

In the case of EQXX, the star-studded manufacturer results in significantly reduced consumption of 10 kWh / 100 km thanks to the sharp choice in terms of aerodynamics, weight, and power management available, without therefore losing the driving pleasure. EQXX cuts off air due to its 0.18 air permeability coefficient, a value obtained from the shape of the tear drops of its body function. Its weight is maintained at 1750 kg. If it is large in full terms, in the field of luxury electric cars, on the other hand it is quite light. The car is mounted on special tires and the solar panel covering the roof maintains battery charge. The latter, with a capacity of 100 kWh, would allow the EQXX to travel 1000 km in one charge and thus consider going on vacation without wasting much time on the road, and re-charging in the middle. Theoretically, the EQXX would arrive in Marseilles from Brussels, without the need to supply the stream during the trip.

The digital instrument panel extends to the entire width of the cabinet.
The digital instrument panel extends to the entire width of the cabinet.© GF

Mercedes claims to have implemented state-of-the-art, but flexible technology for more conventional models and more compact models. The next electronic Mercedes will no doubt include the options launched by this EQXX. This will also be the case for passenger rooms, which can accommodate a large 47.5 inch dashboard stretched over the entire width of the car, a kind of cross between the main EQS screen and the Class dashboard. HAS.