Mercedes-Benz and Rivian join forces

Mercedes-Benz and Rivian join forces

Rivian already produces commercial vans for Amazon, while Mercedes Benz manufactures the e-Sprinter. Despite this expertise, the two manufacturers have decided to join forces for the design and production of new types of electric vehicles in Europe.

A new chapter is being written in the world of electric vehicles with the announcement of an agreement in principle between the commercial division of Mercedes-Benz and the emerging American company Rivian. The purpose of this announcement is to create a new line of commercial vehicles using the strengths and capabilities of both companies to develop two new products.

Although the Sprinter is partially manufactured in the United States, at this time, the production of these vehicles will be done in Europe and reserved for the European market. Mercedes-Benz will therefore convert one of its facilities in Eastern Europe to these vehicles, while it is assumed that Rivian will make a significant contribution to the technical aspects, especially the driving aspects of the electric vehicles. Coming from the factory, we will see Mercedes-Benz and Rivian products.

Two types of products will eventually be collected there. Although details are still scarce, Mercedes-Benz’s VAN.EA commercial platform will be on the assembly line just like the Rivian Light Van platform. Two bases can follow each other on an assembly line. The two companies are not mentioning the size of the vehicles at this time, but it is speculated that Mercedes-Benz will take the approach on the heels of the flying Sprinter. One thing is certain, there is a concept of economy of scale in this adventure; we seek to reduce production costs and allow professionals more accessibility.

In this electrified world, Mathias Geisen, head of Mercedes-Benz’s automotive division, talks about this plan: “From 2025, all cars produced on the VAN.EA platform will be electric. I am happy that this evolution is being carried out by collaboration with Rivian, a powerful and inspiring manufacturer with a strong technological stance. »

Good words also come from RJ Scaringe, from Rivian, towards Mercedes-Benz: “We are happy about this partnership with Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz is one of the best and most respected car manufacturers in the world. We believe that together we will produce electric vehicles that will benefit our customers but also the planet. »

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Although these two developers are not moving forward, they are leaving the door open for other plans in the future. This is a starting point. So we can afford to believe that Mercedes-Benz and Rivian will expand their partnership to the North American market. In both cases, we see an interesting commercial solution as both companies have van manufacturing facilities. Going further, Rivian may produce its pickup trucks at the Mercedes-Benz plant in South Carolina. In this way, Rivian could free up space to increase production of the R1T and R1S.


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