Mercedes-AMG GLB 35: 5 reasons to buy and 5 reasons to avoid the 7-seater SUV |  Market

Mercedes-AMG GLB 35: 5 reasons to buy and 5 reasons to avoid the 7-seater SUV | Market

What is the best-selling Mercedes-Benz car in Brazil in 2022? If I think it was Class C or GL, you missed it. O The best seller of the German brand is GLBA mid-size SUV and a small car look like that takes up to seven people. And, despite such contradictions, it has a (light) version prepared by AMG, the high-performance division of Mercedes.

It’s the Mercedes-AMG GLB 35. It costs BRL 508,900 and bring the capable 2.0 turbo four-cylinder engine with 306 hp. In the following paragraphs you will find out five reasons to keep one in the garage and five reasons to run it:

Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 2.0 turbo engine develops 306 hp — Photo: Disclosure

In the AMG 35 version, the GLB it replaces the Renault-developed 1.3 turbo engine with a “homemade” 2.0 turbo. By almost doubling the power (from 163 hp to 306 hp), it ensures an increase in speed 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.3 seconds.

Although the 40.7 kgfm torque is only available at 3,000 rpm, it is more than enough for everyday use.

O 8-speed dual clutch gearbox it also contributes to a good driving experience and the right choice. As with good sports cars, when the most extreme driving mode is activated, the shift takes place only at the highest shift.

The Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 has the famous Pan-American grille and 21-inch wheels – Photo: Disclosure

It’s surprising that the boxy SUV has such a sporty performance. But that’s exactly what happens with the GLB 35 AMG. And as exotic as this combination seems, the result is very good.

In 21 inch wheels and the lower tires (35) have a unique design and make the car look lower. THE The famous Panamerican gridbumpers with large vents and dual exhausts make the friendly GLB look mean.

Another positive thing about the GLB is that it has more personality than other Mercedes cars.

The Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 has a luxurious finish – Photo: Disclosure

A good level of finish is the minimum you expect from a Mercedes car, right? But if the company “jumped” in the quality of equipment of its entry models, in the GLB and the AMG brand there are no questions.

cabin brings features that match the sports proposal – even if carbon fiber imitation plastics are of unquestionable taste. Apart from them, The flywheel has a larger diameterdirect basis with special buttons to adjust driving conditions.

There is ambient lighting and the vents change color as the temperature is adjusted (blue when low and red when the command is hot).

4- The possibility of taking 7 people

The third row of seats in the Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 has very little space – Photo: Disclosure

The GLB was designed to be a 7-seater SUV. Therefore, it will not make sense to suppress the seats of the third row in the version developed by AMG. With the extra seats, the result is a model that drives well and still it can break that branch if the passenger list is a bit long. However, there are no miracles, as you will discover in the next topic.

1- It takes 7, but no consolation

Despite the big difference in proposition and price, it is impossible to compare the GLB’s size with that of the Chevrolet Spin, the cheapest seven-seater in Brazil. Despite being 25 cm (4.65 m) tall, Mercedes has a narrow third row of seats – Sitting and comforting only for small children.

The two trunk-mounted seats offer just 74cm of legroom – less than the 97cm available for those traveling in the middle. It still takes some juggling to get to the room.

When all the banks are armed, trunk capacity decreases to 130 liters.

Well, this is not a problem at all. But there is a the difference between the roar heard by the occupants of the car and the one coming from the smoke.. The sound produced by the speakers is pleasant, but it does not quite match the small 2.0 engine and seems a little forced.

Other products have worked better on “fake” sound. This is the case with Volkswagen and the Jetta GLI.

The Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 has repeated commands on the center console, steering wheel and multimedia center – Image: Disclosure

GLB is endowed with multimedia center and MBUX assistant. However, voice commands are not accurate or simple. It’s easier to press a button and open the sunroof yourself than to ask the car to do it for you verbally.

Also, the GLB (along with the A-Class and GLA) has yet to have an updated interior compared to the latest Mercedes models. This means that there are a number of unnecessary keys on the steering wheel and center console. In this regard, the new C-Class is even better.

Finally, the multimedia center it doesn’t offer wireless connectivity via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Mercedes-Benz GLB 35 AMG has a very firm suspension – Photo: Disclosure

Finding the balance between sports and hybrids is a delicate task – if on the one hand the GLB suggests being a family car, on the other side of the scale it brings the dynamic precision of AMG. this conflict the result of a car and a very difficult race – slight disturbance on some terrains.

While the strong suspension and a set of 21-inch wheels and low-profile tires will satisfy the participant, it is possible that all other occupants will complain about the comfort on board, raising the main question of the GLB 35 AMG: Does a family sports car make sense?

This reflection can be even worse when you look at the price tag of the Mercedes: R$508,900 – almost R$150,000 more than the “regular” GLB. Looking at the competition, it is possible to put in the garage luxury rivals with good performance and more space. O The Volvo XC90 is sold at BRL 510,000. already BYD TanApart from being electric, it is still faster than the GLB 35 AMG. And it is a little more expensive: R$ 520 thousand.

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