Meet unusual Jeeps on the Easter Jeep Safari 2022

Meet unusual Jeeps on the Easter Jeep Safari 2022

Every year during Easter Jeep organizes the Easter Jeep Safari. The event is used to showcase concepts based on its production and vintage vehicles, develop new models, develop new accessories or simply use the creativity of engineers.

In the 2022 edition, Jeep highlighted its 4xe line hybrids. The manufacturer brings eight concepts to Moab, the mecca of North American rock climbers. Some of them are new, others have already been seen at the SEMA Show.


20th Anniversary Jeep Rubicon

Modifications have always been a strong point of the Jeep Wrangler. Many customers see this Jeep as a blank canvas to customize as they see fit. Twenty years ago some Jeep engineers saw a design in the modification and proposed a prototype and main.

The executives didn’t think it would work, but they let it. Thus was born the Rubicon, a brave version of the Wrangler. To celebrate 20 years, Jeep prepared a commemorative edition based on the Rubicon 392 model, equipped with a 6.4 V8 engine.

It features steel equipment with an integrated winch, two-inch lift kits, 37-inch tires on bead-locked wheels and gray paintwork with gold accents.

Jeep ’41

The year 1941 is when the Willys “Jeep” MB was created, to serve the United States Army in World War II. The concept, named just ’41, pays homage to that history by using the Wrangler as a base. It has an olive color with a khaki upper that gives off a military air to the current style.

It also has windowless lower doors, which are optional, stamped steel wheels, steel bumpers and 35-inch mud tires. Despite the homage to the past, the powertrain is modern, bringing a 2.0 turbo engine. associated with the 4xe hybrid system.


Yes, just Bob. It is a combination of the long chassis of the Gladiator Rubicon Pickup and the body of the Wrangler. The bucket has been shortened by almost 12 inches and the new hood gives it a retro style, almost similar to the military Humvee.

Bob comes with a three-inch lift kit and 40-inch large tires. The engine is a V6 3.0 EcoDieel. By not bringing doors he brings a great air of freedom.

Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 4xe

This is one of the concepts behind the production car. The new Cherokee already has a Trailhwak model, but only with V6 and V8 gasoline engines. This concept creates a hybrid system 4x pluginswhich uses a 2.0 turbo engine and a 400 volt battery.

In this concept, it brings some “exaggerations” that we don’t see in the line Trailhwak: the tires are bigger, the air suspension has a new geometry and is higher and the fenders are widened. The most exotic of this concept is the black roof, which has the same material as the bucket guards used in trucks.

Magneto 2.0

On the last Jeep Easter Ride they took the Magneto, which was an electric Wrangler. Model 2.0 is an evolution that brings more power. Now the engines produce 633 hp and 117 kgfm, more than three times that of the original Magneto.

It even features a hand reducer and a reduced transfer case, for better control of power consumption on the trail. On the Magneto 2.0 came a new paint job, 40-inch tires and a longer wheelbase to improve stability.

Jeep D-Coder by JPP

JPP, an equipment manufacturer, built a Gladiator pickup truck from Mopar that also serves as a parts display. Everything you see painted red is not cosmetic, it’s installed equipment. And each piece has a QR code, which links to the piece’s page at the Mopar store.

Jeep Birdcage by JPP

Another “work” of JPP was the Birdcage, a Wrangler that brings new product accessories. It stands out for not having a roof or windshield, the lower doors help with the air theme. The main attraction of the JPP is the tubular front bumper which has a winch integrated in a reduced position, to improve the angle of attack.

B33r truck

A Kaiser Jeep M725 ambulance found a second life at the Sema Show as a traveling bar. Instead of rescuing wounded soldiers, the B33r Truck rescues beer-thirsty people. In the back are refrigerators and beer gourds instead of stretchers and medical supplies.

And since this bar is mobile, the old six-cylinder Tornado gave way to the modern V8 Hemi 6.4 that Mopar sells new. The B33r truck travels with Jeep to events and will be in Moab to entertain guests.

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