McLaren takes the Mercedes team into Form E from season 9

McLaren takes the Mercedes team into Form E from season 9

McLaren Contest will open the next phase of its journey in electric motorsport starting in the 2022/23 Formula E championship from season 9 which will mark the start of the 3rd Generation of 100% electric seats.

The decision to enter Formula E follows McLaren Racing signing an option in January 2021 to enter the ninth season and evaluation period, where the team entered the series when the Extreme E. power station move to Formula E does not only reflect McLaren’s commitment. for the sport of electronic cars, but also aimed at speeding up the McLaren Racing sustainable journey and reaching a new audience of a more diverse world.

The McLaren Formula E team will be formed through the acquisition of the Formula E Mercedes-EQ team, which will leave the unit later this year and witness the reigning champion team becoming part of the McLaren Racing family. Ian James will continue to lead the team, allowing for a smooth transition to McLaren after the end of the current season.

McLaren Racing always looks forward to competing with the best and the highest in technology, giving our fans, partners and people new ways to excite, entertain and encourage. System E, like our entire race series, meets all of these criteria. Said Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren.

As with all the sports we participate in, Formula E has a race in the middle, but it will help strategically, commercially and technically for McLaren Racing as a whole. It is also a pleasure to welcome the team leading the Formula E class that Mercedes has created, which will be an integral part of the McLaren Racing family. Although run alongside our F1 and IndyCar teams, Formula E completes and expands our electric car racing program along with Extreme E.

I firmly believe that Formula E will give McLaren Racing a competitive advantage through a better understanding of electric car racing, while providing a different dimension to our fans, partners and our people, and continue to lead us on a lasting path. »

Further details of the McLaren Formula E Team plan, including a line of drivers, electric train distributors and commercial partners, will be announced in due course.

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