McLaren Supercars comes to PUBG with update 19.2

McLaren Supercars comes to PUBG with update 19.2

The new PUBG battleground update 19.2 brings a lot of new things to the battle royale and what’s more, thanks to the incredible partnership with McLaren. McLaren GT car skins and other exclusive items will be available from September 6 to November 1 for PC players and from September 15 to November 9 for console players.

So you can rev up the engine and organize your enemies today (on PC). Indeed, the update will also include a new weapon attachment, the heavy stock, which should improve the recoil of your weapons. See a summary of the patch notes below.

PUBG Battlegrounds Update 19.2 Patch Notes

  • Drive in style with McLaren Automotive : During the cooperation of PUBG: BATTLEFIELDS‘ with McLaren Automotive, players will have the opportunity to earn the ‘McLaren GT Standard – Onyx Black’ car skin, clothing, gear, emotes and more through McLaren’s in-game caches. Players can also equip the RB Coupe with McLaren skins. and can equip McLaren’s special skins to the car through the new car interaction feature. Players can apply skins by pressing the second interaction button in front of the car. Skins do not affect the performance of the car, and the original characteristics do not change.
  • Car workshop: Players can also craft “McLaren GT Standard – Silica White” and “McLaren GT Elite – Volcano Yellow” car skins in the Workshop using McLaren Tokens obtained from McLaren Loot Caches and Craftsman Pass: McLaren. The McLaren Loot Cache and Technician passed* will be sold locally PUBG: BATTLEFIELDS during the integration of PC and console. Additionally, exclusive customizable McLaren Automotive items will also arrive in collaboration so players can create their own McLaren cars to match their own style. In the Workshop, players can create exterior colors, brakes, rims and more to customize their car. Special vehicles can also be displayed in the Special Hall.
  • McLaren vessels: Throughout the partnership, a special container ship will appear in each starting point of Erangel, Miramar, Taego, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Deston. Players who own the McLaren car skin can interact with these instruments. Only the player and/or teammates who open the container can drive. Containers and McLaren cars will be removed once the match starts.
  • Unfriendly Restaurant Truck: A new vehicle has arrived in Deston, offering unfriendly rewards to players exploring the map. If you see a new Food Truck rolling around Deston, you can expect a lot of shots coming out of the truck’s open window! The Food Truck carries up to four passengers and has a large, vertical, open window on one side of the vehicle and is available only in Deston.
  • New weather system: Players who jump into Deston will be able to enjoy a new weather feature that changes daily, which will provide realistic lighting/weather conditions during a single match. The feature will not take into account the full cycle from day to night and only a short cycle will be displayed, without significant changes in the angle of the sun.
  • Animation update: Animation update, originally presented letter from the developers, will be available with the 19.2 update! The goal of this update is to improve the player experience by improving and improving the game’s animations, while maintaining the current timing and strategy.
  • New weapon material, heavy cross: The heavy stock comes with the 19.2 update and will provide little impact at the expense of the slow ADS time. See the patch notes for a full overview of compatible heavy weapons.

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A crazy collaboration between the British car manufacturer and the battle king of Krafton is available. It should satisfy more than one sports car fan.