McLaren saves money without Ricciardo

McLaren saves money without Ricciardo

Getting rid of Daniel Ricciardo and paying for his replacement Oscar Piastri’s contract will cost McLaren less than keeping him in 2023. Details.

Driver contracts in Formula 1 are a well-kept search and we generally know only a fraction of them, sometimes they are cut short with the aim of influencing the transfer market through the media.

In the case at hand, we know that McLaren informed Ricciardo that he would be replaced by his young teammate Oscar Piastri in 2023 and that his services would not be retained.

This means that “Smiling Dan” will be able to negotiate a forfeit for the final year of his contract, equal to 50% of his current salary.

However, it was expected that his wages would be increased during the third season of his loan at Woking to €20 million…

McLaren has done its calculations and the appropriate compensation plus Piastri’s salary (even taking into account the compensation paid to Alpine) will not reach this amount: in other words, it will be easier to fire Ricciardo than to keep him!

An alternative offer to remain in the McLaren Racing line-up has reportedly been made to him in the form of Formula E for 2023, but Ricciardo is said to have rejected it outright.

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With Alpine the only option for a return, the Australian driver will be in no position to negotiate his salary and, if hired by Enstone, will cost the French outfit less than what Fernando Alonso demanded.