McLaren puts Queen Elizabeth II on the bonnet of a super sports car to mark 70 years of reign |  Curiosity

McLaren puts Queen Elizabeth II on the bonnet of a super sports car to mark 70 years of reign | Curiosity

To celebrate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign in England, McLaren created a special edition of its latest sports car, the Artura. The car, called the Platinum Jubilee, is unique and has two differences: the color of the body and the logo on the hood.

The British brand replaced “McLaren” with “Elizabeth II” on the badge on the front of the car. The tone was developed in collaboration with Akzo Nobel and took eight days to complete. Different lighting conditions were analyzed to define the metallic color combination and achieve the desired color.

18 years ago, Her Majesty also opened the McLaren Technology Center (MTC) in Woking, England. The super sports car is available even in Brazil with a price close to R$ 3 million.

McLaren Artura in honor of Queen Elizabeth II has a painting that took 8 days to complete – Image: Revealing

The McLaren Artura combines a 3.0-liter V6 combustion engine (with 585 hp and 59.6 kgfm of torque) – a lighter, smaller and more polluting option than the familiar 4.0 V8 – with an electric unit that produces an additional 95 hp and 22.9 kgfm. in all it is 680 hp.

According to the manufacturer itself, the sports car starts from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds. The Artura reaches 200 km/h in 8.3 seconds, 0.4 s less than the time taken by the defunct Renault Sandero RS to reach half that speed. The maximum is limited by electricity, but we are talking about 330 km / h.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip signed the guest book on a tour of the McLaren factory in 2004.

Brand new, the transmission is an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic. The car’s power is thrown to the floor with the help of an electronic rear differential, a technology capable of transferring power to the wheel with greater grip than a mechanical system, says McLaren.

Taking advantage of the fact that the subject is a trap, McLaren chose smart tires for the car. Called Cyber ​​​​​​​​​​Tyres, they have internal chips to analyze various data and work with electronic stability systems to provide better performance. And the tires are also capable of canceling noise and vibrations. The high-performance P Zero Corsa serves as an option for those who do not leave the racing circuit.

The Artura model has many other McLaren designs — Photo: Disclosure

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