McLaren of R $ 2.3 million is stolen in the valet casino

McLaren of R $ 2.3 million is stolen in the valet casino

The driver of a McLaren 570S worth US$ 500,000 (about R$ 2.3 million at current prices) was scared in a casino in the city of Melbourne in Australia recently. Johnny Nahlous entered the Crown Casino, and when he asked for valet service for the McLaren in the back he was told that the owner of the car had already left with the car.

The thief left the scene at 3 am, but the vehicle was quickly tracked down. The local valet is believed to have given the car to the person responsible for the theft.

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The McLaren 570S is owned by Honeymoon Car Hire, which specializes in supercars. Now he says he is considering legal action against the casino for allegedly delivering the car.

Police arrested a 43-year-old man behind the wheel of the car after finding the car. Authorities are currently investigating the incident.

“There is damage to the engine, interior and we have pictures of it. And we will pursue legal action in due course,” Georgia Hunter, representative of Honeymoon Car Hire told 9News Melbourne TV.

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