McLaren makes its official presence in the ‘Gen3’ era of System E

McLaren makes its official presence in the ‘Gen3’ era of System E

McLaren will be the eighth manufacturer in Form E in the 2022-23 season. Woking Company, with the preferential option to enter the series during the first ‘Gen3’, will eventually use another method to withdraw from the electronic competition, for that. The McLaren race will feature the Mercedes-EQ team, providing a continuation of the project led by Ian James.. This change of ownership will allow the human race behind the Mercedes-EQ project to continue in Form E, the fourth British high-flying sports project.

Although this project will operate entirely independently, the arrival of McLaren in Form E It will support developer software in Formula 1, IndyCar and Extreme E. Although the foundations of the team led by Ian James have already been laid, the developer will announce further details of his plan in Form E later. leaving behind its ranks of drivers, its technical and commercial partners and its supplier of electric train in the air, though the latter role seems to be filled by Nissan..

Ian Jamesthe current director of the Mercedes-EQ team, will continue to lead the project under the McLaren logo: “Mercedes has been the main facilitator of this team so far. Being part of the McLaren family is a great opportunity, as it is a brand that is synonymous with success and high performance.. Being able to continue working with one group of people is exciting. I look forward to this next chapter for the team».

Zack BrownMcLaren Racing CEO, said: «McLaren is always looking to compete against the best, at the forefront of technology. System E meets these criteria. It is very satisfying to compete in Form E and provide housing for a team built by Mercedes. It will be part of the McLaren Competition family in its own right. Although run alongside our Formula 1 and IndyCar projects, Formula E completes and builds on our EV race program that we launched in Extreme E.».

«I firmly believe that Formula E will give McLaren Racing a competitive advantage. due to increased understanding of electric motor racing. In addition, we believe it offers another very interesting and unique option for our fans, partners and distributors. Our Plan in Form E continues to guide us on our intended path towards sustainability»Zak Brown concluded after confirming that the preference option that McLaren had to enter into Form E would apply.

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