McLaren launches on restomod with SLR HDK and MSO

McLaren launches on restomod with SLR HDK and MSO

To achieve this series of exclusive models, McLaren Special Operations (MSO) will offer the possibility to 12 SLR owners to enhance their car to make the replica 722 GT a little more special. On the program, technical improvements, aerodynamics and aesthetics with a check of $350,000 (currently less than €345,000). Unlike the 21,722 GTs made, which were track-only models with Spartan interiors, the 12 HDK MSO SLRs will retain their luxurious GT interiors.

Appearance of the song

On a visual and technical level, the MSO-developed SLR HDK receives an aerodynamic kit that includes specific features tailored to the 722 GT with new front and rear bumpers, revised rear wheel arches, “running” side skirts, a front lip spoiler, a . rear diffuser, new rims and a large rear spoiler. The mechanics remain close to the basic specification, but some improvements have been made to give it a sporty look and handling. Modifications to the suspension, special direction and more exhaust. The supercharged 5.4 V8 remains in stock configuration, however. Except for this “racing” treatment, the passenger compartment retains the luxury of the production model, decorated with new decorations for further refinement.

In total, it will cost $350,000 – plus the price of the donor car provided by the customer – and only 12 lucky people out of the 2,157 SLRs sold will have the opportunity to order this special restoration. If McLaren won’t communicate openly on this project, it was Manny Khoshbin, one of his good customers who owns several SLRs, who spilled the beans.

Source: Motor1