McLaren blames early brake failure for difficult F1 2022 – Formula 1 News

McLaren blames early brake failure for difficult F1 2022 – Formula 1 News

The battle for fourth place in the 2022 season of formula 1 it was not what McLaren had planned at the start of the year. In the pre-season, however, the team faced the issue of brake overload which ended up jeopardizing the progress of the project, and Andreas Seidl believes that this was decisive for the situation the team finds itself in at the moment.

The boss of the Woking team recalled that, in Bahrain, the opening of the World Cup, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo had problems in qualifying and in the race because of the brakes. They went 13 and 18 respectively and failed to score.

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Andreas Seidl explained that the brake problem, which is still in preparation for the new season, hampered McLaren’s year (Photo: McLaren)

“Without doubt, [o problema nos freios] it didn’t help”, said the manager when asked about the effects of overheating brakes in the current battle against Alpine. “In the end, we had to use more resources to fix the problem instead of using them immediately for performance development, especially at this time of the season,” he added.

Compared to recent years, Seidl admitted that the 2022 McLaren has been less competitive, but highlighted the progress made in other areas. “I think in the end, this year represented a new beginning.”

“When we look back at the season now, we understand the difficult start we had because of the brake problem in testing in Bahrain, which only left us in a bad position in terms of starting performance in this new era of racing. formula 1“, he added.

In the fight for fourth place, McLaren saw Alpine’s discount marks compete for the race. After consolidating the classification in the Austrian stage, the base in Enstone was able to leave the English rival behind in the following GP, in France, and since then it has remained in front. The difference between the two is already 18 points for Alpine.

“We’re definitely not where we want to be,” agreed Seidl. “At the same time, I think the team responded strongly throughout the season, to come back. We have not forgotten where we were in the first race, in Bahrain: practically at the end of the field”, he emphasized.

“With that in mind, if you look at the progress we’ve made and the updates we’ve also brought and worked on, the connection was good, which was actually a positive thing. But because of the difficult start, we have to accept where we are now, fourth and fifth, which is a good recovery in comparison and where we were at the beginning of the year.”

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