Mazda CX-60 Test (2022): first draft

Mazda CX-60 Test (2022): first draft

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To be completely clear, we tested this CX-60 for 3 hours on hand, on board models still considered to be the original series, which will require additional adjustments.

Technically, above all, because it was shown beautifully in its final version. Designed based on the latest inspiration from Kodo’s stylistic code, SUV pencil strokes are also immersed in the new concept of “Noble Toughness”, consisting of lines sometimes cut by katana, while searching for a certain fluidity. Its rear face, rather than curved, thus contrasts with the irregular, more vertical front surface.

A preference that will have its supporters and opponents, of course. And if in the picture, the CX-60 is sometimes “amazing”, it is one of those models that is more interesting in real life than in the picture in front of our eyes, the one who sets the pattern (height 4.74m, width 1.89m and 1.67). m high) similar to the BMW X3 or Volvo XC60, for example. The CX-60 is also offered in sizes only 18 or 20 inches.

Tens better than others

Mazda CX-60Credit Photo – Automatic Information

The rest of the Mazda has always been very natural and the cockpit / cocoon effect is also found on the back of the CX-60 wheel, with a good driving position. Mazda are making innovations here by passing with the Driver Personalization System. After entering its height and performing a few head movements in front of the camera which also detects sleep, the SUV will automatically adjust the seats, steering wheel, mirrors and head displays, for a fixed position. In fact, because we are all different, some minor adjustments still seemed important to us, but the car suggests a reasonable basic position.

The digital phone is very successful, with animation and highly stimulated atmosphere, depending on the driving conditions adopted. About a 12-inch screen, it can only be adjusted via a shuttle and not tangible. Mazda for the principle that it is safe to handle while driving. Many will appreciate the large size of the interface of the multi-interface menu, so it can be very readable.

Our Unique Line with Comfort option provided warmth and coolness. The controls of the gearbox are very delicate, the leather and the upper stitching are high quality, but these are not available on the entire dashboard, which prefers foam plastics, of course, but with very thick grains that are no longer fashionable. The entries also, with a mesh pattern, show a completely normal presentation. The contrast is evident with Takumi’s quick-witted finish, as well as a combination of maple wood entries and a kimono-inspired fabric. A few high-resolution connectors are currently used on the dashboard and bring real uniqueness to the CX-60.

The non-leaky design of its rear section provides ample space for passengers, heads and knees, and they will be able to take advantage of 2 USB C ports as well as a 220V socket, which we always wonder why it does not. not yet included as it is useful for recharging larger than a simple smart phone.

After opening the back door with hands-free (optional) control, the trunk provides 570 liters, with a small additional compartmentalized space under the floor. All with a civilization backed by regular action tabs for self-dragging folding bench chairs split in 40/20/40.

Power unit in longitudinal position

Mazda CX-60Credit Photo – Automatic Information

Mazda has installed a 141 kW 2.5 Skyactiv-G 4-cylinder engine that is naturally desired in the slide (in the longitudinal position, which is very rare!), Then a 100 kW electric engine, all connected at the end of the chain directly. gearbox and report 8.

The combined power of up to 327 hp per 500 Nm of torque, is generous, but it does not take much to push this huge baby weighing 2.0 to 100 km / h is done in 5.8 seconds, allowing the CX-60 to pass quickly without electricity.

Our route, around and through the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, was steep, thus justifying our electronic freedom that was only about 25 miles[40 km]away, rather than just 63 miles[63 km]away. Furthermore, the oil / electricity management strategy tends to favor quiet operations, even on steep mountains. Indicates that no forecast technology is associated with navigation for example. The Mi-Drive button allows you to change driving modes: Normal, Sport, EV and Off Road since the CX-60 PHEV is 4-wheel drive. The extra key allows for forced re-charging, which we tried, with consumption increasing from 1.5 l / 100 km (as long as there was a battery) to 6.5 l / 100 km, after restoring 30 kilometers of electricity at a maximum capacity of 17.8 kWh battery. Forced charging speed is appropriate, even if it would be more appropriate to get a part of the charging instead of using this feature while driving.

Note that the CX-60 will also be available in a 6-cylinder diesel and gasoline version, with a hybrid light, between this year and next year.

As the status of the ongoing Game

Mazda CX-60 (2022)

Mazda CX-60Credit Photo – Automatic Information

Writing immediately hits the CX-60 steering wheel, its steering wheel. Mazda wanted it to be stable, providing great accuracy in power operation, but it becomes very physical in normal driving conditions and in steering. For this last exercise, Mazda offers a practical View-Through feature, which displays the front view and side view on the center screen, like a bumper view, which allows you to park the front gear. with proper control the amount of everything that happens on the wheels.

Also for the benefit of change, but more punitive for comfort, the SUV is typed rigid in damping, allowing passages in curves almost without rolling. On the other hand, the CX-60 is concerned about speed bumps and kerfs. The new Kinematic Positioning Control System does not help much though, to the point of reducing the impact of directing large barriers, which still exist, but instead of shaking here and there, the system adjusts this effect to a balanced vertical movement at this time. both axles at the same time.

The technical option of choosing automatic distribution with a multi-disk clutch is essential, no noisy CVT at all, but smooth and quiet behavior. Which will not be enough, however, to provide a response in the game and a manual mode worthy of a name. A minor flaw, the CX-60 is not the Audi SQ3 either. This box is also characterized by a 22% reduction in consumption according to Mazda, compared to the previous BVA6.

expensive union

Mazda CX-60 (2022)

Mazda CX-60Credit Photo – Automatic Information

Finally, the CX-60 presents itself as a model for which bias must be accepted.

Specific style, consistent street typography, indoor environment that show real unity in its highest finish. If accepted, the CX-60 thus becomes a model with certain characteristics, which does not simply imitate competition.

On the other hand, it is difficult to accept this set decision regarding its prices, of course, Mazda always generously prepares its models from the first level of finishing, but it will still be necessary to pay 52,000 euros per entry. rate and up to 70,000 euros to take advantage of everything the CX-60 offers.

In short

Even if the Mazda is certain, right, that it is still possible to be used on heat engines, the manufacturer must play an electronic game. The MX-30 paved the way for 100% EV models from the Japanese, it is now the turn of the CX-60 to launch for the first time on the European market, its 100% rechargeable hybrid technology. To mark the occasion further, Mazda has installed a few new modifications to the CX-60 board, as well as choosing the wrong style, albeit a split.

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